Honest Pinay returns $1,500 found inside pantyhose

By Jess De Leon, ABS-CBN Canada

Posted at Jun 11 2014 10:57 AM | Updated as of Jun 11 2014 09:07 PM

CANADA – A Filipina in Red Deer, Alberta earned praises for returning money left behind by a customer.

Susan Bombase left the Philippines and migrated to Canada more than 20 years ago, bringing with her values of hard work and honesty.

These are the values that made her a local hero in the town of Red Deer recently.

Word quickly spread of Bombase's good deed after finding a large amount of cash at her workplace.

"I felt proud and I'm not shocked. This is Susie! This is her. She's an honest person and the sweetest," said Bombase's manager, Melanie Wright.

Jeanette Mitten owns the boutique where Bombase found an envelope filled with 30 pieces of 50 dollar bills inside pantyhose. She was not surprised at all when Bombase reported it to her.

"Why don't you come and get some free stuff. Whatever you see on the table take it for free. That's where she picked the pantyhose. She found some money in it," Mitten said.

After tracking down the rightful owner, they were able to hand over the $1,500 to a senior lady who admitted forgetting about the cash she inserted in a bunch of pantyhose her daughter donated.

"When I was at home I checked all the clothes that I got and I notice a stocking. Inside there was an envelope and the envelope has money on it. When I count the money, it's $1,500. I thought to give back the money. I took the money to the owner of the store," she said.

No one can be prouder than Bombase's family.

"My husband said to give back the money. 'Yes,' I said to my husband. My sisters, my brother are very proud that I did the best and the right thing. Honesty is the best policy," she said.