Pinoys in Oklahoma take shelter amid new tornadoes

From a report by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Posted at Jun 01 2013 07:31 PM | Updated as of Jun 03 2013 11:41 PM

LOS ANGELES – Eleven days after a deadly tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, multiple tornadoes came through the metropolitan Oklahoma City area on Friday night.

Choctaw resident Jennifer Baguio sent ABS-CBN News pictures of what thousands of households did as the sirens went off.

Filipinos and families including their pets hunkered down in their shelters.

Baguio said her family was concerned and worried, but happy to be safe.

However, like many other residents, they got out of their shelters to find out that their home had no power.

Another Filipina, Czarina Garcia, was working at her medical clinic during last week's Moore tornado.

This week, she found herself, her husband, and two children on the highway stuck in traffic between two tornadoes.

“It was so scary, humongous, I'm just in my car and I kept crying and crying. It was like somebody was hitting us in our car,” she said.

Rhoda Blaskie and her family spent about 3 hours in her shelter with her family as her daughter Rebecca and fiancé Lenin Glass were in the basement of Roy Rogers World Airport.

“I'm still thankful again, our house is still in tact, our grill is upside down, the neighbor’s shed is in our yard, it knocked the fence down, and some of my flowers in the front yard are gone,” she said.

Tractor trailers have been overturned and some 50,000 residents are without power. Many people and their cars are reportedly stuck in traffic and the local airport had been evacuated.

Initial reports say 5 people died while 18 others were injured from the tornadoes.

Filipinos say they are now checking on each other to make sure everybody is safe.