Armless pilot Jessica Cox gets married


Posted at May 31 2012 06:58 PM | Updated as of Jun 01 2012 06:06 AM

Jessica Cox wedding
PASADENA, California – Armless pilot and motivational speaker Jessica Cox is now Mrs. Patrick Chamberlain.

Cox and Chamberlain tied the knot last Saturday in a ceremony attended by family and friends.

Born with no arms, the 29-year-old Fil-Am is the first person to earn a pilot's license with her disability. She is also a second degree black belt in taekwondo and a certified scuba diver

“To be able to celebrate this with you says a lot. I want to thank you on behalf of Patrick and I for making an effort and being here,” said Jessica.

Last year, Jessica and Chamberlain visited the Philippines together. They announced over radio dzMM that they have been engaged since May of 2011.

“Jessica and I met through taekwondo. I was her instructor...I was working with another lady, we were running a school, and Jessica came in. She was asked to do a special demonstration for our World Championships in front of our grand master and about 5,000 people. So she needed extra training to get ready,” Chamberlain said during the radio interview last November.

"Not long after that, I got transferred to another school. And I thought, what the heck. She's an amazing person. I'm taking her to dinner. And the rest is history."

The union was a dream come true for many close friends and family who had hoped that someday, someone would see Jessica the way they saw her---a beautiful person on the inside.

But for Jessica's father, he didn't doubt it one second.

“I didn't think much about whether her future was going to be grim or not. I had assumed it was great and it was great,” her father William Clinton Cox said.

Like other marriages, they had a normal wedding but with a few tweaks.

Bishop Oscar Solis presided over the ceremony and rather than presenting Jessica with a ring, her husband Patrick wrapped an anklet around her left ankle.

When the couple lit the ceremonial candle, Jessica used her right foot, and same with the cutting of the cake at the reception.

For all of Jessica's accomplishments, she serves as an inspiration to many people around the world. None more so than three young women who attended the wedding.

Fourteen year old Ira Kaplan, 18-year-old Anna Buchholz and Teresa, 11, were all born with no arms.

They have known Jessica for years through the International Children Assistance Network.

For them, Jessica is their role model.

“She proves to everyone that everything is possible and that you can do what you dream of,” Teresa said.

Buchholz said Jessica’s wedding only proves that she and her friends can also find love one day despite their conditions.

“We don't have to worry about finding the perfect man,” said Teresa. “We won't have to worry about all the wedding stuff like how it's going to work. We just know it's going to work somehow."

As for Jessica, she and her husband are off the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they will honeymoon for the next few weeks. Report from Joseph Pimentel, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau