LOOK: Hong Kong textbook defines Pinoys as DH


Posted at May 30 2014 11:15 PM | Updated as of May 31 2014 07:17 AM

Photo from hongwrong.com

MANILA - Photo of a page from a primary school textbook in Hong Kong that stereotypes Filipinos and other people is making rounds online.

The book's page entitled "racial harmony" asks students to fill in the blanks and define people from various nationalities.

It says the correct answer to "I am an English teacher" is "British."

For "I have a sushi restaurant," its answer is "Japanese."

For "I study in an international school," its answer is "Indian."

For "Shanghai is my hometown," its answer is "Chinese."

For "I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong," the textbook says the right answer is Filipino.

Hongwrong blog, which brought the textbook to public attention, said the racist page is going viral among parenting, Filipino, and teacher forums online.

The blog, which is run by British activist Tom Grundy, also pointed out another textbook published by Singaporean Educational Publishing House Ltd.

It said the Primary 4 textbook entitled "The Wonderful World" has a chapter "We are a family," wherein it asks students to specify which "race" people belong to -- -white, black, brown or yellow -- and defines their "common characteristics"

The blog said the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center in 1999 criticized Hong Kong textbook publishers for perpetuating stereotypes.

"Multiculturalism is now studied at primary level in Hong Kong schools, yet an SCMP story this week revealed that ethnic minority children are being 'belittled and stereotyped' in Hong Kong schools," it said.

"Meanwhile, the UN has expressed concern about about support provided to ethnic minorities in learning Chinese, as currently HK has a ‘lingual apartheid’ system where minorities are taught in separate schools."

It urged readers to get in touch with the Hong Kong government's Equal Opportunities Commission at [email protected] to raise the issue.