How Fil-Am woman found her long-lost Pinoy father

By Maria Aleta Nieva-Nishimori,

Posted at Apr 24 2014 08:24 AM | Updated as of Apr 26 2014 02:44 AM

Christina DaRonco-Cristobal with her daughter. Photo grabbed from her Facebook page

MANILA – Filipino-American Christina DaRonco-Cristobal received great news, just a few days after appealing to the public's help in locating her father whom she had never met since birth.

In a follow-up interview last week (April 14) on DZMM's Aksyon Ngayon with Julius Babao and Kaye Dacer, Cristobal revealed that a man who introduced himself as her father got in touch with her through e-mail.

"So we had some conversation and I asked him some information that only he would know about my mother and me. He was able to answer those questions and give information that only my real father would know," Cristobal said adding that "were very sure, without a doubt, that he is my father".

Cristobal knew that finding the man called Alberto Salazar was next to impossible since the only information they knew about him was that he is Filipino and a First Mate on a ship that docked in Duluth in Minnesota in 1984.

"But it's a miracle and God really blessed us," she said.

He also told her that he tried to look for her mother, Patricia DaRonco, in the place where she used to live. But Cristobal said her mother had moved.

"He wished that he could turn back time. But of course he couldn't do that. But he was happy we found each other and he said he wants to make up for not being in my life for the last 29 years. He wants to be part of my life," she said.

Finally finding her father is both amazing and emotional for her.

"The amazing part is he actually lives in the United States, so seeing each other is more a reality than if he is living in the Philippines," she said.

She learned that her father resides in Florida. The two plan to meet in the future.

Her mother was also happy that she has finally found her father.

"My mom is really happy for me. She was surprised. She was doubtful that we would ever find him because we didn't really know any information," she said.

Cristobal, who is married to a Filipino, said a relative of her father read an article about her quest to find him and called her dad.

"My uncle saw my article and he called my dad and he said 'I think your daughter is looking for you.' My dad saw my interview and then he contacted me after that," she said.

Cristobal is grateful to all those who offered prayers, support and encouragement to her and her family.

"Thank you for helping me because this wouldn't be possible at all without you, without all your help, to all the people praying for us, thank you to everyone," she said. - With DZMM