TFC looking for talented Pinoys in Europe

by Patrick Camara Ropeta, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Apr 12 2012 11:09 AM | Updated as of Apr 17 2012 04:39 PM

A juggler performs at a live semi-finals of TFCkat in Plymouth, UK
LONDON - The Filipino Channel has embarked on a search for talented overseas Filipinos to showcase at the biggest fiestas in Europe this summer.

Launched in the south of France in March, TFCkat is a talent competition open to all kinds of Filipino performers in Europe, from music and dance to comedy and variety acts.

Shortlisted candidates from the initial application process are invited to perform live at semi-finals held across the continent, where each act is given 3-5 minutes to impress a panel of judges that critique every performance in front of a lively audience.

“We want to unite all Filipinos in Europe through TFC and this talent show celebrating Filipino talent,” said Roselle Sazon from TFC Europe.

A vocal group trio perform at a semi-finals of TFCkat in Plymouth, UK
“We believe Filipinos are world-class in terms of talent, and we hope that the acts we find from TFCkat will be able to compete not just here in Europe, but also with other winners in Canada, Australia and North America. This may become global.”

Selected acts from the semi-finals will battle it out in the grand finals held at Filipino festivals from participating countries.

The UK finals will take place at the ‘Barrio Fiesta sa London’ in Hounslow, the biggest Filipino event in Europe.

The winner will receive a cash prize of £2000, TV exposure through TFC news program ‘Balitang Europe’, and a chance to meet ABS-CBN stars backstage at the Barrio Fiesta.

“There’s so many Filipinos in England, and it’s a really great platform for us who have talent and expose that,” said Mac Daniel Palima, an 18-year-old arts student who performed an interpretative dance routine at the live semi-finals in Plymouth, England.

TFCkat contestant at the semi-finals in Plymouth UK

“The talent is crazy. There’s so many talented people in here and I’m really privileged to just show myself. I’m here to perform and show them what the Filipino talents have.”

Palima, alongside 3 others from Plymouth, will go through the UK finals at the London Barrio Fiesta on June 30. They will be joined by more finalists in the coming months.

“It’s never too late to join,” said Sazon. “Auditions are ongoing and we’re still open for entries. Just contact ABS-CBN Europe at our head office in Earl’s Court, or speak to any of our direct agents from your area. You’re welcome to join TFCkat and we’re looking forward to seeing your applications.”

TFCkat will host live shows from various cities in the UK, Italy, France, and Spain.

TFCkat finalist Mac Daniel Palima dances at the Kapamilya Fair in Plymouth, UK
Kapamilya Fair

TFCkat is part of Kapamilya Fair, a series of events spearheaded by TFC Europe to foster stronger community spirit across the continent.

In addition to the live talent show, guests are treated to a ‘mini-Barrio Fiesta’ which includes to a screening of a Filipino film, community games with prizes, raffles draws, food stalls, and arts & crafts services.

“This kind of event unites everybody. We’re promoting this specially for the youth, so they can be exposed to Filipino values and culture,” explained Jean Agnes from the Filipino British Association in Plymouth, who worked with TFC Europe to organise a Kapamilya Fair in their area.

The next scheduled Kapamilya Fair will be held in Newcastle (UK) on April 22, followed by Modena (Italy) on April 28, Andorra (Spain) on May 06, Ibiza (Spain) on May 19, Madrid (Spain) on May 20, Bristol (UK) on May 20, and Barcelona (Spain) on May 27.

TFCkat grand finals will take place in Barcelona (Spain) on June 03, Paris (France) on June 16, Florence (Italy) on June 17, London (UK) on June 30, and Beausoleil (France) on July 01.