Filipinos in China told: Obey visa conditions


Posted at Apr 11 2014 04:36 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2014 12:36 AM

MANILA – The Philippine Embassy in Beijing urged Filipinos to strictly follow visa conditions and restrictions to avoid arrest, prosecution, deportation, and blacklisting in China.

The embassy launched the information campaign following the report that about 200 foreigners, including 48 Filipinos, were expelled from China last year.

"The Filipinos were apprehended and detained for holding spurious Chinese visas or forged passports, working without proper employment visas and permits, assuming false identity, and overstaying in the country. Some were arrested for illegally entering China then using it as jumping-off point for travel to other countries," the embassy said.

The embassy hopes to raise awareness on Chinese immigration policies, particularly the rules for foreigners entering the country on a visitor or tourist visa.

Below are some of the salient points on its information campaign:

1. Filipinos should respect the laws of China and observe the restrictions of their visas. If their visa is for tourism purposes only, they should not engage in any employment without proper visa or permit, whether they are compensated or not.

2. They should not be involved in any unlawful activities or criminal acts, such as illegal drugs trade and prostitution.

3. They should return to the Philippines on or before the expiry of their authorized period of stay in China to avoid violating immigration and labor regulations of that country.