Hollywood stars rooting for Manny Pacquiao

By Yong Chavez, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Mar 27 2014 03:31 PM | Updated as of Mar 27 2014 11:31 PM

MIAMI BEACH, Florida - This April 9, the entertaining sidekicks of the animated Hollywood film "Rio 2" return to the big screen.

Apart from comedy, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan share something common: they're all Manny Pacquiao fans.

In the midst of doing promotions for their much-awaited film "Rio 2", Hollywood stars Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan talked about their common passion for boxing and their excitement for Manny Pacquiao's upcoming fight.

"I'm rooting for Manny because I still wanna see Manny fight Floyd," said Foxx.

Morgan added, "I don't know [Timothy] Bradley. I like Manny".

Lopez admitted that Bradley is tough. "But I think Manny got Bradley the first time so I'm going with Manny".

After the fight, they are hoping that they Floyd Mayweather-Pacquiao bout will finally happen.

They even gave and advice to the Filipino boxer.

"I wanna see Manny and Floyd really get down," Foxx said. "And tell him don't fight-- What's the name of the Mexican kid that knocked him out? Tell him to leave Marquez alone".

The three actors are happily reunited in "Rio 2" and once again playing the characters that they and the audience have grown to love.

Foxx, Lopez, and Morgan have successful Hollywood careers and they said they owe that to their standup comedy background where they all got their start.

"The people that came before us went to jail for this. They went through all kinds of trial and tribulations for us to be able to stand up on stage," Morgan said.