Pending divorce may have led Pinoy to kill wife: police

by Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Mar 27 2012 11:03 AM | Updated as of Mar 28 2012 05:52 AM

BRENTWOOD, Calif. - His pending divorce could have led Christopher Lo to kill his wife, Joyce in their Brentwood City home, according to investigators.

Court records revealed that Joyce recently filed for divorce. Authorities believed Christopher could not handle the breakup of their marriage, causing him to shoot his wife and turn the gun to himself last week.

The Contra Costa County Coroner's office released autopsy results on Monday (March 26), saying Christopher died of a single gunshot wound to the head, while Joyce died due to multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.

The Filipino couple has two daughters.  The youngest one, a 13-year-old, discovered the bodies and called police. Police said a handgun was found in the bedroom where the bodies were found.  

Joyce's mother and eldest daughter, who live in Bacolod, Philippines, spoke with Balitang America in a phone interview over the weekend.  Both did not want to be named.  

"(Joyce's death) is so devastating to us.  We cannot believe this happened to our child, "Joyce's mother said.

She said she previously warned Joyce to be cautious of Christopher after she filed for divorce.  She said her son-in-law had a temper and had a collection of guns in the house.

"All of us were worried, telling Joyce, be careful because you can't cure your husband's state of mind," said Joyce Lo’s mother.

Joyce and Christopher's 23-year-old daughter said she was not close to her father, but considers her mother the family's rock. "If there's a better word for best --- that's what she is.  She's not only my mother, she's my best friend, she's my sister.  We were close," she said.

She said her mother was supposed to go home to attend her graduation from nursing school in two weeks.

Balitang America is still trying to get the side of Christopher's family.  But Joyce's family said they are doing whatever it takes to bring her body back home to the Philippines.