Young Pinoy writer launches 3rd book in Riyadh


Posted at Mar 25 2014 04:01 PM | Updated as of Mar 26 2014 12:01 AM

SAUDI ARABIA – A young Filipino writer launched his third fiction book at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

The launching of Nigel Willem Africa Canlapan's "Craig's Smith Black Flip" was attended by embassy personnel, his family, friends and schoolmates.

His father, Gerico Canlapan, said they used to read stories to him when he was still in his mother's womb. They believe this helped somehow in developing the boy to love books.

Canlapan's first two books, "Snowstorm, the Wolf" in 2009 and "Snowstorm and the Bond" in 2010 were based on online games.
Canlapan is the only Filipino at the Multi-National School in Riyadh. Aside from being an author, Canlapan is also known as very in good public speaking in school.

"After he wrote some 3 books like, he's not ordinary at all. Three books is some great achievement! I don't think that any person can do that at his age," said his classmate, Shihab.
The boy's number one mentor and critic is his mother, Flordeliza.

"I'm also learning from him. As they grow older, you have to respect them na they have their own decision now," she said.

His third book is based on a scene he dreamt of. He said he feels like he is Craig Smith, the character in his book. The book is about a teenager with superhuman abilities who later discovered that he is a cyborg.

"To all of those supporting me and buying my book, thank you all. None of this would possible without you. Because it's known that, a true successful person is nothing without his fans. Thank you," the boy said.

Canlapan hopes to see his stories on the silver screen. He is also doing the sequel to his third book. Report from Zhariya Alamada, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau