Fil-Ams celebrate 30th anniversary of EDSA


Posted at Feb 26 2016 11:37 AM

DALY CITY - Filipino-Americans are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the People Power revolution by remembering how they helped the cause through their fight in the US.

They also say that the spirit of the revolution lives in their advocacies especially in the fight against China’s claims of territories in the West Philippine Sea.

The group US Pinoys for Good Governance has been staging protests outside the Chinese embassy in San Francisco and made it their goal to educate more Fil-Ams over the territorial dispute.

"The future of the country, in terms of having our oil and our natural gas in our territory without being taken by China, affects the future. So if we want to send millions to work as OFWs all around the world, if want to keep the people in the Philippines and the economy thriving we need that oil and natural gas. We need to defend what’s ours," said Rodel Rodis.

Rodis said the best way for Pinoys to fight China is to attack them on the consumer market.

"Our ability as consumers to boycott Chinese good will affect their economy. So if you want your economy to go up then respect international law and do not invade Philippine territory," he said.

According to reports, China has deployed fighter jets to add to the already posted surface to air missiles on the disputed islands.

Philippine Consul General of San Francisco and top advisor in the Hague arbitration between the Philippines and China, Henry Bensurto said that this military aggression will not stop the on-going peaceful negotiations.

"I want to emphasize that the direction that is being taken by the Philippines on the issue we have always stayed on the peaceful path. I don’t think that’s going to change. That is the policy and approach we have taken and the arbitration is very much part of that approach," said Consul General Bensurto.

Bensurto said that he acknowledges the efforts and patriotism of groups like US Pinoys for Good Governance and adds that more people around the world should be aware of this situation.

"The president has indicated this time and again that between 40 and 60 percent of global trade passes through that area and that being the case it is very important that the global community must take a position in favor of the rule of law," he said.

Despite China's refusal to officially participate in the arbitration case, a decision from the Hague is expected in May.

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