Alleged Filipino ejaculator confesses

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Feb 23 2011 03:47 PM | Updated as of Feb 23 2011 11:47 PM

SANTA ANA, California –The jury trial of Michael Kevin Lallana has started in Santa Ana.

Prosecutors claimed that Lallana ejaculated into the alleged victim, who is referred to as Tiffany G’s water bottle. They said he did it for sexual gratification and admitted it during the police interview.

Lallana is charged with assault, releasing offensive material in public, and for committing crimes for sexual gratification.

In his opening statement, Brock Zimmon, representing the Orange County District Attorney said, “The defendant says he found Tiffany very attractive. You’re going to hear him say that what essentially turned him on about this is that he knew that her lips had touched that water bottle. And there was something about her lips that kind of touched it and this was as close as he could get to somebody that good looking.”

Lallana’s Defense Attorney Ed Madrid, opened his argument by saying, “Mr. Lallana never assaulted, because the crimes are assault and battery. The evidence is going to show that Mr. Lallana never assaulted Tiffany G. The evidence is going to show that Mr. Lallana never battered her in any way. The evidence is going to further show that any acts proven that Mr. Lallana did were not as a result of sexual gratification.”

Tiffany, an assistant at Northwestern Mutual, also testified. She said that she had no relation with Lallana. The two worked for different teams and had limited interaction.

Tiffany said she often kept a one liter disposable plastic water bottle at her cubicle. When she drank it in January of 2010, she said it tasted like semen. She noticed substance in the water. Unsure of what to do, she said she threw it out.

In April 2010, a similar incident occurred, this time she kept the bottle and tried to contact police. After police told her she didn’t have enough evidence, she talked to her company’s human resources department. With the HR department unsure on how to proceed, she had the water sent to a lab. The lab had confirmed it was semen in the bottle.

Prosecutors played the audio of when Lallana was interrogated by police in July.  He admitted that he and his wife rarely had sex and he had masturbated in his office several times as a “release”. He described that he had ejaculated into scratch paper, cups, and even his own bottle, eventually throwing it away.

About 15 minutes into his interview, he eventually admitted to ejaculating into Tiffany’s bottle, but he had no intention for Tiffany to drink it.

“You will hear that he admits that he masturbated into her water bottle during the April incident from Orange. You will hear 5 minutes later that he masturbated into the water bottle and put it on her desk in the January incident in Newport Beach. Why he did this? I anticipate that you’re going to hear evidence in the case from the defense witness, who will talk about that the defendant suffers from narcissistic personality disorder,” said Zimmon.

Just as Tiffany said on the stand, Lallana also said there was no real relationship between them. Tiffany was in the courtroom as the interview was being played. She remained quiet and showed little emotion as Lallana’s recorded voice explained the incident.

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