East Coast Pinoys try to cope with severe winter weather

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Feb 19 2014 04:48 PM | Updated as of Feb 20 2014 12:48 AM

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Snow, ice and muddy slush are what kababayans in New Jersey woke up to on Tuesday morning.

The wicked weather in the East Coast that never seems to end brought yet another round of snow in this part of the US.

Winterstorm Rex, the 18th storm this winter season, blanketed much of the northeast with up to six inches of snow.

Winterstorm Rex has so far caused hundreds of airport delays and flight cancellations.

Jersey City, NJ Mayor Steve Fulop said the city received a new shipment of 500 tons of salt on Monday, enough to help ease commute problems. But some kababayans said they would rather stay home.

“This is the worst because it’s too much,” Mariette Sedeco said. “Old ladies like me should stay at home.”

CNN reported that the severe winter storms have impacted the economy in certain US regions. A Federal Reserve’s recent report showed that factory output and production decreased in January.

But some economists believe that there may be other underlying factors and not just the weather.

The severe winter season has affected workers who deliver for a living. Pinoys who deliver bread to Filipino stores said they had to work longer hours during snowstorms.

'It’s hard when there’s a lot of snow, especially for those of us who deliver bread here at Fritzie’s Bakeshop,” delivery driver Ricky Bustos said. “It’s hard to park at these shops. Hopefully, the snow will stop.”

“This is the worst that we’ve experienced,” Benny Razo said. “This is the first time I’ve experienced this non-stop snow storm. That’s enough.”

But for other Filipinos living in the Northeast, severe winter weather is nothing new and it’s something they can always survive and live with.

“We should be prepared for this because we live in a colder country and have to adjust,” long time Jersey City resident Pines Gigayoma said. “You get used to the way of life. I would just go back to the Philippines if I get too old to handle it.”

Weather experts said this could be the last heavy snowfall of the season before warmer weather takes over the Northeast in the coming weeks.