OFWs told: Have a timeline in achieving dreams


Posted at Feb 12 2013 04:43 PM | Updated as of Feb 13 2013 12:43 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) should first determine their goals and the time they will spend in achieving them, Philam Life President and Chief Executive Officer Rex Mendoza said.

"Bago siya umalis, kailangan ganito: ilang taon ba ako sa labas, what are my dreams, how do I fulfill them," Mendoza told ANC's Pipol.

"You will have to set forth what you want to happen in X number of years... You have to make timelines, when do they happen, how can they happen," he continued.

Mendoza noted Filipinos in general do not plan ahead despite having dreams or goals for their selves or for their families.

Most OFWs, he pointed out, usually aim to provide education for their children, buy a house, and save enough capital for a business venture.

"Ang gagawin niya, aalis siya, kikita siya ng malaki hoping he could fulfill his dreams but you know what, things change. His own spending habits change because he's earning more money," Mendoza said.

"If an OFW really plans everything out, it's very different... but you see, they don't do that, they have a one-way ticket abroad, and once they get there, they immediately get into the life that's there," he continued.

An OFW, he said, should set a specific target in achieving his dreams and keep to it. For example, setting a goal of spending 12 to 15 years abroad working to achieve your dreams, and going home to your family.