Pinoys air views on bill vs wearing religious symbols in Quebec

By Krystle Alarcon, ABS-CBN Canada

Posted at Feb 09 2014 08:55 AM | Updated as of Feb 09 2014 04:55 PM

MONTREAL – Kababayans are reacting to a controversial bill that seeks to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols.

The Quebec Charter of Values, or Bill 60, is stirring heated debates in the province. The Quebec Party proposed the bill last September. It aims to ban public sector workers from wearing pieces of clothing or accessories that show their religious affiliation.

This includes crosses that are more than an inch, the Muslim veil, the Sikh turban, the Jewish kippa. It will be applied to daycare workers, doctors, teachers, and to anyone working in the public sector.

Elementary school teacher Jillian Sudayan protested against the bill.

“By telling teachers that they cannot wear their religious attire, means that there is a certain intolerance that is being taught in schools,” said Sudayan.

Sudayan believes it's something that should not be implemented.

The longest standing Filipino organization in Montreal also disagrees with the proposed bill.

“It's injustice in a way because everyone has their own belief and it should be respected in some ways,” said Cora Santiago Aberin of the Filipino Association of Montreal and Suburbs.

But the minister behind the controversial charter said the bill is moderate and is designed to promote secularism in Quebec.

Quebec already reached a record high of more than 28,000 people leaving the province before the charter was even proposed.