Finding nursing jobs in Norway not that easy


Posted at Feb 08 2013 04:56 PM | Updated as of Feb 09 2013 12:56 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Don't believe too much on advertisements and consultancy firms providing misleading information on the ease of finding nursing jobs in Norway.

The Philippine Embassy in Oslo said some consultancy firms convince Filipinos that it’s easy to land a job in Norway's healthcare sector.

In an advisory, the embassy said advertisements such as "No IELTS and/or PRC License needed" mislead Filipinos.

"While it is true that IELTS is not required by most health care employers in Norway, this is only because English is not the primary language used by the country and its healthcare sector," the embassy said.

Instead, foreign nurses and healthcare practitioners wishing to work in Norway have to pass a different and much harder Norwegian language exam. Also, they would have to take other tests before they are deemed employable, and this entails additional costs such as tuition, board and lodging while in Norway.

Although a PRC license may not be needed for the processing of a visa application, it is still required by relevant authorities so that the worker will be properly recognized in Norway.

The embassy is likewise alarmed with the proliferation of consultancy firms overcharging Filipinos for information they can actually obtain by themselves for free on appropriate websites.

"The embassy has reported this alarming situation to the DFA and DOLE and it has handled several cases involving victimized Filipino nurses and healthcare workers who have been duped by these unscrupulous consultancy firms,” the embassy said.

In addition, the embassy advised the public to not fall prey to unaccredited Norwegian Language Schools/Courses and agents proliferating in the Philippines.

“The Norwegian Government has not accredited, licensed or recognized any Norwegian Language School/Course operating in the Philippines for profit nor does it deal or cooperate with any agent or agency,” the said the embassy.