Meet Britain's 'most married man' and Pinay who tamed him

By Rose Eclarinal, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Feb 05 2014 12:30 PM | Updated as of Feb 06 2014 05:48 PM

Ron Sheppard with his Pinay wife Weng

8th wife is my last, says Sheppard


SOMERSET, England (UPDATED)- Things are different now for Ron Sheppard who enjoys a quiet and content life in Somerset with his wife.


After eight marriages, 65-year old Sheppard vows he will not walk down the aisle again because he found true love in wife number 8, a Filipina named Weng.

He gained notoriety because of the number of times he has married and earned the title "Britain's most married man'. He matches the record of British movie icon Elizabeth Taylor. This title has given him a lot of publicity, some of them unwanted.

"I wish I didn't have the title but I have the title so I have to put up with it I'm afraid," Sheppard told ABS-CBN Europe.

He first married in 1966 at the age of 18 and didn’t stop looking for ‘the one’ when his relationships fell apart.

"I still believe that marriage should be for life. I really do, it's just that I didn't find the right person in the first place," he said.

The father of eight who has 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren almost gave up on finding the right one for him after the breakdown of his seventh marriage.

After failing the seventh time, he only wanted a companion but his love story panned out differently when he met wife number eight.

Finding true love

Ron’s mother just passed away and he also just divorced his seventh wife from Thailand. He was depressed and lonely. His fate took him to a Christian dating website where he met Weng, who was then based in Laguna.

‘The time that he sent me the email, I realized that this person is lost that he needed somebody to talk to. He lost his mom then and I thought this man needs a direction," said 35-year old Weng.

With the 30-year age different and her husband’s flamboyant past to boot, Weng only listened to her inner feelings.

"I didn't doubt at all. It was my mother initially who sort of got worried and reminded me. Are you sure of what you are doing? But in my heart, I knew this was the person for me," said Weng, who recently left her job as a deputy manager in a care home to study nursing.

The supportive wife also said a lot of people have prejudged Ron before even knowing him. But she wasn’t bothered.

"Ron is a lovely person. I know he’s been married many times. But a lot of people don’t know him but I do. He is a very gentle person, caring person. That love between us has kept us together for many years. It’s been a rough ride but we are still getting stronger," she said.

The perennial groom finally found true love in 2004.

"I never had the butterflies or the heartbeat before that’s why when I met Weng I knew she was the one for me. I think Weng had the same sort of thing. That was something different for me and I knew she was the right one," Sheppard said.

Lord of the Wedding Rings

This year, Ron and Weng are celebrating their 10 years together as a married couple and once again attracted media attention because of the release of Ron Sheppard’s book “Lord of the Wedding Rings."

Sheppard reveals in the book his marital misadventures detailing why he made so many mistakes with women.

"I just turned to women for that love and for that comfort I was craving for. So I went from one to another, to another and another, but I never found the right person," he said.

He also found the strength to divulge a secret he has kept for more than 50 years. His wife Weng, was the first to hear the story: He was sexually abused as a young boy.

"In the book, I explicitly explained to people exactly what happened because it has to be known so it does not continue. I hope that I’m helping other parents of the symptoms of the child that has been abused. I was withdrawn. I used to have nightmares. I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want to play with my friends," explained Sheppard.

He might not be the best person to give marriage advice, but his words might come in handy.

"My advice is to sit down, talk to each other, laugh with each other, go out and enjoy yourself together or with friends and just be one because that’s what marriage is supposed to be," said Ron.

Couples Ron and Weng enjoy the simplest joys in life like fishing, watching movies, singing karaoke hits, going for drives and not forgetting to laughing with each other and communicate. They also made God the center of their relationship.

A movie based on the story of Ron Sheppard was also recently inked. The retired holiday camp entertainer and talent-spotter is eyeing actor Jude Law to play the young Casanova, if not Harry Potter star Rupert Grint.