Pinay caregiver's dying wish comes true

By Marlou Tirio, ABS-CBN Canada

Posted at Feb 05 2013 03:43 PM | Updated as of Feb 06 2013 01:46 AM

CANADA – Another caregiver did not live long enough to savor the fruit of her labor.

Like the late Juana Tejada, an icon to many caregivers for her crusade in reforming the live-in caregiver program, Ruth Canda is another brave nanny who succeeded in convincing Immigration Canada to bring her family here on compassionate grounds.

Canda died in January after being diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Her battle with the big C caught the sympathy of the Filipino community.

Many organizations organized events to raise funds for her medical bills. A petition to the Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) was also circulated for her husband and son's visit visa.

Things were looking up for Canda when she was cleared of cancer and declared healthy enough to work.

Her family was also approved to visit and join her for the holidays.

Many thought that it was a happy ending for Canda. But the Pinay caregiver died on January 9 after complaining of backache and shortness of breath.

“She is so good, so loving, so generous to us. Every time I have a problem I talk to her. Don't worry ma, time will come you will count the dollar. I will never forget those words,” said her mother.

“Pinakamabait, wala na akong masabi. Ipinagalaban niyan yung sakit niya alam kong nakita ko sa wife ko na nahirapan siya panay pa rin sabi niya I'm OK,” said Canda’s husband Robert.

Canda's best friend knew her while still in Hong Kong. At her eulogy, she described Canda as ambitious, funny and caring whose wish in life was only to give the best for her family.

Until her last breath, Canda made sure not to put her family in hardship. She gave a no resuscitation order, had a life insurance and asked her employer to provide a job for her husband so he can legally stay in Canada.