Layoffs in Nevada affecting Pinoy workers

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Jan 31 2014 01:33 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2014 09:33 PM

LAS VEGAS - Nevada JobConnect is one of the busiest places for jobless Nevadans seeking employment.

Elizabeth Janolino is among the 8.9 percent who are jobless in Clark County. She was an emergency room coordinator before the company laid her off in October 2013.

"Mahirap kasi syempre meron kang tatlong anak and then my husband also lost his job. Pareho kaming naging unemployed. Now we have to venture. You just can't take it lying down kasi meron kaming tatlong anak na umaasa sa amin,” said Janolino.

Janolino said that life has been tough for her and her husband since they began looking for jobs.

"Being a Filipino, tayo ang importante sa atin mag provide sa pamilya natin. Sa akin anything, whatever I can get right now just to feed my family,” she said.

Like many other Americans, Janolino is hoping that unemployment benefits will be extended.

"It's not like we are just lying around and waiting for our unemployment checks to come. We are trying to find a job but some, not as everybody, are lucky. Nowadays, you need to have connections to get in to a job because job is just hard right now,” she said.

Nevada's Senate Majority Floor Leader Harry Reid said that Democrats are planning for a three-month extension of unemployment payments to those beneficiaries that expired in December, affecting millions of Americans.

The administration plans to meet with a group of CEOs and other leaders to talk about the best ways to incorporate unemployed Americans back into the work force. It is one of President Obama's items on his wish list presented in his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, grocery giant Albertsons is set to close down two of their stores in the Las Vegas valley.

Massive lay-offs are expected to happen this year from big companies such as retailer JC Penneys, who will close 33 stores nationwide and cut 2,000 jobs.