Italy OK’s direct hiring 2011

By Zita Baron, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Jan 13 2011 12:03 PM | Updated as of Jan 13 2011 10:14 PM

MILAN, Italy – Thousands of non-seasonal workers will be allowed to enter Italy. This, after the Decree of Council of Ministers concerning the planning and determination of entry flows of non-seasonal workers for the year 2010 was published in the Official Gazette on December 31st 2010.

Reports said that 52,080 out of the 98,080 seasonal workers from countries with immigration agreements and those that are expected to sign agreement can enter Italy for the purpose of non-seasonal subordinate employment.

Below are the countries and their quotas:

Albanian (4,500); Algeria (1,000); Bangladesh (2,400); Egypt (8,000); Philippines (4,000); Ghana (2,000); Morocco (4,500); Moldova (5,200); Niger (1,500); Pakistan (1,000); Senegal (2,000); Somali (80); Sri Lanka (3,500); Tunisia (4,000); India (1,800); Peru (1,800); Ukraine (1,800); Nigeria (1,000), Gambia (1,000); and citizens from other non-EU countries concluding agreements on regularization of entry flows and readmission procedures (1,000).

Meanwhile, 30,000 slots for domestic work and personal care service are reserved for non-EU nationals who reside abroad and come from countries other than those listed above.

Furthermore, 4,000 entries are reserved for non-EU nationals residing abroad who have completed training and education programs in the origin country, while the reserved quota of 500 slots are for the workers of Italian origin from at least one parent’s side up to third generation in direct acceding line who are residents in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil and enrolled in the lists of professional workers available at the Italian embassies and consulates in their countries.

The decree also allows the conversion into a resident permit for non-seasonal subordinate work of the following: 3,000 resident permits for study; 3,000 resident permits for education/training; 4,000 resident permits for seasonal work;
1,000 EC long-term resident permits issued to third-country nationals by another EU Member State.

Finally, 500 EC long-term resident permits issued to third-country nationals by another EU Member State will be converted into resident permits for self-employment.

Online applications forms will be available starting January 17, 2011. Submission of forms for the seasonal workers from countries with and about to have immigration agreement with Italy will be on January 31, 2011.

Candidates for admission to quotas assigned to domestic and personal care service workers will be given access on 2nd February 2011 and applicants belonging to the remaining categories will apply starting 3rd February 2011.

Direct Hiring 2011 another scam?

While majority of the undocumented workers here in Milan are excited about the new decree, activist immigrant workers, however, junked the direct hiring law, saying this is another scam.

Three days before 2010 ended, demonstrating immigrant workers and Italian supporters converged in Piazza San Babila and walked towards the Prefecture to demand for the release of the more than 100,000 applications filed under the regularization law of 2009.

They claimed that the government earned more than 300 million euros from the processing fees of the filed applications, and more than 600 million euros went to INPS or the state security system.

The new direct hiring law is not the solution to their claims, they said. They are calling for the general regularization of all the undocumented foreign workers in Italy. They also demand the extension of the validity or renewal of the work permits of those who have lost jobs due to global financial crisis.