How US Pinoys are dealing with record-breaking cold weather

By Rizaldy Luistro Jr.

Posted at Jan 08 2014 12:27 PM | Updated as of Jan 08 2014 08:27 PM

Thick snow covers a road in Chicago. Photo by Peter John De Chavez

MANILA, Philippines -- Filipinos in the United States shared their experiences as record-breaking arctic air hit the Midwest and Northeast.

Below-zero temperatures were reported in Midwest states such as Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio and other states in the northeast like New York and Pennsylvania. The affected areas affected have not seen such cold temperatures in nearly two decades.

Mary Basiano Duckworth posted a picture on Facebook showing snow-covered trees that looked like white Christmas trees. She also posted a picture of her car after Indianapolis had a blizzard that dumped about 10 inches of snow.

On the's Facebook page, Jerald Mark of Chicago said the snow in his area reached 11 inches thick, and they experienced a temperature of 24 below zero degrees Celsius.

"11 inches na samin, hirap magpala ng snow tapos negative 24 pa ang temp," Mark said.

Patrick Pajaodor, who was in Winnipeg, shared a photograph that showed how roads became icy and dangerous for travel since New Year's Eve.

Peter John De Chavez, who is based in Michigan, shared photographs showing how the roads looked like parts of a snow mountain.

"Terrible! Non-stop snow, dropping temperature in Chicago," De Chavez said.

Thick snow covers a road in Chicago. Photo by Peter John De Chavez


Other social media users posted prayers to those who suffered from extreme weather like Pablo Adoviso;
"Let us support them with our concerning prayers."

Some social media users like Lee Marvin De Villa believe this event can be linked to global warming, and that weather conditions will worsen if environmental issues are not taken seriously.

US-based Filipinos, who are used to the tropical climate in their home country, said they have taken measures to stay safe during freezing temperatures.

In an interview with ABS-CBN North American Bureau's Don Tagala, Juliet Oberlin, who lives by herself in an apartment in Linden, New Jersey, said it is not safe for elders like her to stay at home by themselves during the freezing weather.

"I decided to stay with my daughter because they have a fireplace just in case there will be a power outage,” Oberlin said.

Philippine embassy officials in the affected states are now monitoring the safety of Filipinos and warned Filipinos to always take precautions and stay warm and safe at home.

Experts say that the dropping temperature was brought forth by a so-called "polar vortex," the cold air from the North Pole that made its way to the states of North Dakota and Minnesota which are already known for very cold winters.

The combination of extreme gusty winds and cold temperature could cause frostbite in 30 minutes or less of exposure.

A report by said officials in Chicago and other states in the Midwest and Northeast have closed their roads and cancelled flights because of the drifting snow and warned their residents to stay inside. Classes and work were suspended.

The same report said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie separately declared state of emergency. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced parking ban and cancellation of classes last Friday, after up to 20 inches of snow almost covered the city.

"The best way to beat out the cold is to stay warm, make sure your pets and pipes are protected from the outside elements, and to get that fireplace started. Stay warm,” said Matt Daniel, blogger and weather forecaster of

In the Philippines, Baguio City has suffered crop damage due to night frost after the temperature dropped to 9 degrees.