Pinay girl rescued after being kidnapped in front of California home

By Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Posted at Jan 06 2014 10:55 AM | Updated as of Jan 07 2014 06:08 PM

ANTIOCH, California - Imagine your own child, abducted in front of your own home, in front of your very own eyes.

This nightmare became real for a Filipino family in Northern California on Friday night.

Gina Calvo watched helplessly as her 7-year-old daughter Natalie was snatched by an armed man.

It began at a supermarket, where Natalie and her mother went shopping.

According to Highway Patrol officers, Natalie and her mother, Gina, were allegedly followed by the suspect, from East Bay Walmart, all the way to their home.

At about 6:45 p.m., the suspect reportedly approached Natalie as she got out of the car with her mother. Police say her mother tried to stop the abduction, but hesitated when she saw the man had a rifle. He forced Natalie into his car and fled.

Police reached out to the media immediately, which broadcast Natalie's picture and information on the suspect and his vehicle.

Just before midnight, 43-year-old David Allen Douglas, who is described by police as Filipino, was arrested after officers found his car with Natalie inside at a downtown marina.

Natalie, who had no apparent injuries, was reunited with her family.

The Calvo family is not granting media interviews. Natalie's father Eric told Balitang America that his daughter is just resting.

Some of Natalie's friends dropped off letters for her.

"I’m really glad you’re home and you’re safe," Brianna, a friend of Natalie, said.

Natalie's abduction has left the community here worried for their own safety.

"Nakakatakot, kasi yung Walmart na pinanggalingan nila, namimili din kami doon eh. Tapos yung fact na sinundan sila dito, eh, ibig sabihin, kahit kanino, puwedeng mangyari yon," Dennis Herrera, a neighbor, said.

“Of course I’m really concerned because I don’t want this to happen to any other kid. But I’m glad they caught him," Sylvester Williams, a neighbor, said.

As of this broadcast, police have not released information on the charges that Douglas could face.