EDSA Personalities: Then and now

The EDSA People Power Revolution shook the not only the Philippines but sent ripples throughout the world 30 years ago when Filipinos from various sectors of society banded together to oust dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Here are some of the key personalities during that tumultuous period who are still making headlines today.

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Jose Maria Sison, one of the founders of the National Democratic Front-Philippines. Photo: Philippines Free Press, American Historical Collection, Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University

Jose Maria Sison's Facebook profile photo. (Facebook Profile)


Although the Philippine Left did not participate in the February 1986 elections and the EDSA People Power revolution, the growing Communist insurgency helped put pressure on the Marcos regime.

Jose Ma. Sison, head of the leftist movement at that time, was one of thousands of political prisoners who were freed after the EDSA revolt. He would later leave the country and seek political exile in the Netherlands.

Thirty years later, Sison is still in exile while peace talks with the National Democratic Front remain stalled.

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