Was Ferdinand Marcos born in 1916? Local document shows different birth year

Grace Alba, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 11 2017 05:40 PM

ILOCOS NORTE - A local historian shared a document showing that the late President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was born in 1916, not 1917.

Melvin dela Cuesta shared a photocopy of the birth certificate of Marcos. The document was issued to him in 1998 by Municipal Civil Registrar Joan Duque.

In the document, Marcos' birthday was September 11, 1916.

According to Dela Cuesta, such inconsistency in Marcos' birth year is puzzling.

"Sarrat's civil registry of births, many of whose pages are now mellowing with age, indicates that the birth year of our famous hero and idol is not the same as every one is celebrating today. This BC (birth certificate) was issued to me in 1998 by our Municipal Civil Registrar (MCR) Joan Agcaoili-Duque, stating thereat that as per Register of Birth on Page 55 of Book No. LLI Registry No. 2629, the date of birth of the child Ferdinand E. Marcos is September 11, 1916, not 1917," he said in an online message.

For Dela Cuesta, if the date on the birth certificate is correct, the 100th birth anniversary of Marcos should have been celebrated last year.

"Duque's certification of President Marcos' facts of birth as they appear without correction are true and authentic. NSO, likewise, keeps in its record the same birth year, month and day," he said.

"As far as our MCR is concerned, there has been no petition filed in court by a member of the Marcos family for correction of erroneous entry, if ever, of President Marcos' birth year," he added.

Marcos' birthday is traditionally commemorated on September 11. This year marks his 100th birth anniversary.