More graft raps to be filed vs Binays

By Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 06 2014 06:23 PM | Updated as of Aug 07 2014 02:24 AM

Binays blast anti-VP Binay speaking tour

MANILA - Lawyer Renato Bondal said he will file an amended plunder complaint against Vice President Jejomar Binay over the allegedly overpriced Makati City Parking Building.

Bondal said that based on the latest report of the Commission on Audit (COA), it was not a P1.6-billion but a P2.7-billion building scam.

Bondal said he is also preparing more cases against the Binays in connection with the allegedly anomalous construction of the Makati Friendship Suites, and the anomalous pork barrel spending of Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay and Makati Representative Abigail Binay.

He refused to give further details.

A COA report, however, said there was nothing irregular in the Makati City Parking Building project.

COA Supervising Auditor Cecilia Caga-anan said the contract cost of the building was considered reasonable based on COA Resolution No. 91-52.

Documents obtained by ABS-CBN showed that the resolution "allows an additional ten percent from the total contract price in order to sustain a finding of reasonableness."

But Bondal refused to believe the COA. "Kung talagang reasonable, ipakita nila bidding documents, cost estimates at bidding materials," he said.

"Nakakagulat, nahilo na nga kami sa P1.6 billion, yun pala 2.7 billion pa," he added.

He said there were irregularities in the way the bidding process was conducted.

"Ang ginawa, nila hinati-hati nila sa limang phases at binid (bid) out per phase, split nila contract into five... Bawal mag-split ng kontrata, punishable ito sa government procurement act at anti-graft [and corrupt practices act]," he said.


The camp of the Vice President earlier claimed that the plunder complaint has no factual or legal basis, and is only part of a demolition job against Binay's 2016 presidential bid.
In a statement, Binay's spokesperson Joey Salgado said the group of Bodal is deliberately repeating outright lies and falsehoods in a laughable attempt to mislead the people.

He added that in the COA memorandum report dated February 17, the COA exposed the absence of factual basis for the plunder complaint of Bondal.

"The COA said Mr. Bondal erroneously used NSO data that did not include actual construction costs. The COA also said the project cost of City Hall Building 2, which they referred to as Parking Building, is reasonable," Salgado said, adding that no adverse findings were issued by the COA all throughout the project duration.

"Clearly this latest antic by Mr. Bondal and company confirms our information that they are working for national groups identified with a political personality," he said.

"Their job order is to conduct a demolition drive against the vice president not only in Metro Manila but in Cebu, Iloilo and other cities in the Visayas region. Their campaign of lies, disinformation and character assassination is linked to the 2016 presidential election where the VP is considered the front-runner," Salgado added.


Meanwhile, Mayor Binay pointed out that the COA memorandum has effectively refuted the plunder complaint filed against him, his father, and 22 other city officials.

"The COA memorandum validates our position that this so-called plunder complaint is not supported by facts and is part of a well-funded demolition job against my father, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay," the mayor said.

The younger Binay revealed that Bondal was in Cebu on Tuesday and is set to go on a tour of Iloilo and other key cities in the Visayas to spread lies against the Vice President.
"How can a local politician, a perennial loser at that, suddenly find the resources and the boldness to go on a region-wide speaking tour with media coverage? There are obviously national-level backers behind him," he said.
"They will be filing complaints on the Friendship Suites, Makati Science High School, the new Ospital ng Makati, our birthday cakes for seniors, among other programs. We are ready to face these allegations. All these projects have passed COA scrutiny but that will not prevent our detractors from proceeding with their demolition campaign," he added.

Bondal, for his part, insisted that the cases are not politically motivated.

"Kapag ang isang mamamayan ba nagreklamo, palagi na lang politically motivated? Wala na ba tayong karapatang maghain ng reklamo?" Bondal said.