Arroyo doc's 'stem cell clinic' ordered closed

by Ira Pedrasa,

Posted at Jun 24 2014 06:30 PM | Updated as of Jun 25 2014 02:30 AM

MANILA - Tagaytay City Mayor Agnes D. Tolentino ordered the closure of the clinic of Antonio Carandang-Park, which performed stem cell procedures on former President Gloria Arroyo and other patients.

In a 9-page resolution obtained by, the mayor said Park was illegally practicing medicine at the Green and Young Health and Wellness Center even though she did not have a medical nor business license.

Any violation of the closure order “will constrain this office to effect all measures provided by law,” Tolentino warned.

She said Park was practicing medicine even though she herself admitted that she had not taken the required licensure examination. A Professional Regulation Commission certification also showed her name was never on the roll of Philippine doctors.

“These unlawful actions of Mrs. Park are tantamount to abuse of privilege to do business to the injury of public safety and using the center in an unlawful manner, which are in complete violation of the [mayor’s permit she acquired],” Tolentino said.

She said the nature of the permit given to Park was one for “Massage Clinics/Sauna/Turkish/Swedish Baths” but she operated the clinic to practice medicine.

“That the Green & Young Health & Wellness Center cannot be used as a medical clinic is clear to Mrs. Park since this Office did not process her initial permit application for medical clinic for her failure to submit the stricter legal requirements for said kind of establishment,” she added.


The closure of the clinic stemmed from the complaint filed by businessman Bernard Tan, whose daughter Kate underwent stem cell and alternative medicine procedures in Park’s Tagaytay clinic for her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Tan said they were led to believe that his daughter was in good hands since Park, who claimed to be an oncologist, had treated the former president.

Park prescribed a juice diet and stem cell treatment for Kate.

Kate’s health further deteriorated and she died on July 4, 2013.


The complaint was also supported by Park’s former employee, Dr. Eunice Salazar-Abad.

As a trainee, Abad claimed she saw irregularities in Park’s procedures in treating patients.

Abad said Park diagnosed patients by “palpating something on the patient’s palate then treat them by prescribing fruits and vegetable diet, bhuang therapy by applying pressure massage on the patient, then she does multiple punctured wounds…”

Abad also alleged Park had been using her name and license number to deal with patients.

Several criminal complaints have been filed before fiscals.

Park denied all the allegations, saying her business permit was for “health services.”

She also claimed Abad’s tiff with her was due to a perjury and falsification case she filed at the prosecutor’s office.

She said the clinic should not be closed since the courts of law have yet to decide on the cases.

Tolentino found merit in the request for closure, however. She said it is her duty to issue licenses and permits as well as revoke them for any violations.

Park is now believed to be abroad following an appeal from the camp of Tan to hold her here.

The lawyer of Park earlier said she will face head-on the cases against her in the country.