#RP612fic: What if the Philippines has alternate history?


Posted at Jun 12 2014 06:35 PM | Updated as of Jun 13 2014 02:38 AM

MANILA - What if the country's historical figures lived in a time like ours, when social media is on the rise?

On Independence Day, people posted tweets with the hashtag #RP612fic to create alternative historical fiction pieces.

The hashtag was coined in 2009 by comics writer and editor Paolo Chikiamco for Filipinos to share flash fiction tweets.

It has become an annual event online and became global top-trending topic this year.

Through tweets, historical personalities and events cross over into pop culture references -- which make some interesting reading.

If there was "Showtime" back then, would Emilio Aguinaldo be waving the Filipino flag like this?

Here's Julian Felipe promoting his new single.

What would Andres Bonifacio post on Twitter and Instagram?

And what of the alleged Aguinaldo-Bonifacio rift?

How about Rizal on Facebook?

We all know Rizal was also known as a playboy, so don't be surprised if he posted something like this on Facebook.

One Twitter user was so sure how an Adele song would mean so much to Josephine Bracken.

Rizal, being an independent publisher himself, would surely welcome the idea of Wattpad right?

Speaking of Rizal as a writer, how about netizens making fictional dialogues for characters in his novels?


Maria Clara

Crisostomo Ibarra

Padre Damaso


Kapitan Tiago

Here's General Douglas MacArthur promising Filipinos, "I shall return!"

Of course, no one forgot about that promise because of this one thing.

More recent was the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted then-President Ferdinand Marcos. And we are all thankful that it was in 1986.

Of course history wouldn't be complete without the present and the future.

Let's just hope Rizal, who once said the youth is the hope of the nation, wouldn't be posting this on Facebook after reading all of those tweets.