UP Fact-Check: Penson’s position on a pol dynasty law

Prof. Nicole Curato, PhD

Posted at Apr 30 2013 12:45 AM | Updated as of Apr 30 2013 08:45 AM

In the Harapan 2013 Senatorial Debates last 28 April, UP Professor J. Prospero De Vera asked independent senatorial candidate Ricardo Penson what he will do if he does not succeed in pushing Congress to enact a law implementing the constitutional provision against political dynasties.

In reply, Penson said the Supreme Court should be more proactive in fighting political dynasties. This comment can be viewed in the context of the petition he filed with the Supreme Court as the lead convenor of Krusada Kontra Dynasty to compel Congress to pass a law to implement the constitutional provision against political dynasties.

Penson added that there is no need for an enabling law for said constitutional provision. However, in a previous interview, he said the constitutional prohibition against dynasties is “not self-executing,” a position he reiterated in several interviews.

Moreover, Penson failed to affirm his willingness to resign from office should Congress fail to enact a law banning dynasties. In his official page, Penson boldly declared that he will “work for the passage of a law banning political dynasties” by 2016 and will resign from office if he fails.

(This fact check was conducted by UP Diliman Sociology Assistant Professor Nicole Curato, PhD. UP is a partner of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs for the May 13 elections.)