RE: Villar’s old mother dragged into political dirt

It is unfortunate that even the whole Villar household including Villar’s own old mother is already affected by political mudslinging. I don’t know if it’s the Villar camp who cooked up this “teledrama” showing the old Villar mother weeping in her wheelchair to gain sympathy for the much vilified Villar, or television’s penchant for emotionally-charged news clips, or both.

RE: Noynoy’s predestination is shaping up

In the Ateneo High School where Benigno Aquino III, he was a virtual unknown, save for his surname. Noynoy was not an outstanding student, not in academics, not in extra-curricular activities. Yet, for some reasons beyond his control, when he graduated, he was the only graduate who received a rousing standing ovation, one that the audience didn’t even give to the class valedictorian.

RE: Parallel manual count dangerous and crazy

The proponents of the parallel manual count are schizophrenic. They are seeing ghosts behind every curtain. The anxious Makati Business Club and the Alyansa should have voiced their concern last year while Gordon was still in the process of pushing for automated elections- not at this late time when the system is already in-place, ready to take off.

Re: Quiboloy endorses presidential candidate with galing and talino

Galing and talino, everyone has them, housewives, husbands, children, even pets and animals have them. Also corporate thieves, smiling scammers, political saboteurs, some circumvent the law and stay ahead of it, ripping people of their hard earned cash.

Fw: Nasaan na sila?

Gawing nating tungkulin ang karapatan natin bumoto, huwag lang tayong bumoto, dapat nating ikampanya na iboto ang mga nararapat, ngunit dapat din nating ikampanya na huwag iboto ang mga hindi nararapat.

Re: the PSE and Villar's czardom, Noynoy blocking Villar's path

The Philippines Stock Exchange allowed Villar to circumvent its rules in a re-invent the wheel sort of way? Amazing, said my friend Sherlock Holmes. So there's no stopping Villar's czardom now, well, except, maybe, that kalbo could, the one with a lop-sided grin called Noynoy, the one Villar's party tried to bring down with a "doctored" psyche report that was probably cut and pasted together from someone's psyche report, maybe done by the same mob that also "doctored" M.V. Pangilinan's speech.

RE: Spoon and fork boy

I don't blame those families that go or migrate to another countries to look for a better opportunity and life that our government cannot give or provide to our people.

RE: Vizconde case

He shouldn't get any special treatment whatsoever after all he or they gang raped those 3 ladies. Hubert shouldn't get any favor. He deserves what he got for killing the family and raping them. He took the life of those innocent people.

RE: Sen. Gordon is right to bring survey firms to court

It’s about time to put a stop to political surveys that do more harm than good to the electoral process. Whether rooting for a survey-loser like Gordon, or for a winner like Noynoy, (based on these surveys), voters should not pin their hopes on these commercial ventures.

RE: Escudero didn’t endorse but divide

Chiz Escudero, who self-destructed just last year, is trying to resurrect himself at the expense of the Aquino Roxas team. For him to endorse Noynoy but leaving out Mar Roxas is a calculated attempt to drive a wedge between the leading tandem. An endorsement this late from an ambitious and disgruntled Chiz Escudero can only be aimed at destroying Mar Roxas far from really endorsing Noynoy.