RE: Adel Tamano is a misplaced leader

I have written a couple of feedback letters which pointed out that Adel Tamano is “Partying” with the wrong people, particularly Cayetano and Remulla. He is such an officer and gentleman whose credentials are a cut above the rest of the Senatorial wannabes. Never mind his good looks, his soft-spoken speech, and gentlemanly restraint. He is also a man who believes in a fair competition.

RE: Be An agent of change for honesty in Philippine politics

I regularly follow your TFC programming these days, especially because it is now near the finish line for the Philippine elections. You are playing a strategic and important part in bringing timely information to us here in the USA about the Philippines.

RE: Willie vs. Joubert

Kung ako ang ABS-CBN ngayon pa lang aalisin ko na si Willie na mayabang. Pinapanood ang Wowowee hindi dahil sa kanya kundi dahil malalaki ang mga prizes. Roderick Paulate is better host than Willie at disente pa with the backup of Amy Perez and retain all staff in Wowowee. 

Feedback: Anybody but Noynoy

From the moment Noynoy declared his candidacy, I tried to tell everyone how bad news Noynoy is: he promised to flood the country with contraceptives; he is anti-life, anti-Church, and a liar—he claims he’s Catholic, but he’s not. He also had the temerity to seek the highest office of the land on absolutely nothing but the popularity of his Mom and Dad.

RE: Black props and real character

Saan mang anggulo tingnan, ang black propaganda tungkol kay Korina at maid at iyong huli ay Jojo Binay and former mistress ay iisa lang ang tinatakbo - ganyan din ang ginawa kay Noli de Castro noong tumatakbo siyang VP against Loren. So what else is new? Halata naman kung kaninong istilo iyon.

RE: Mga artista running for office

Vilma Santos is using her "Star Power" together with other artists sa kanyang latest campaign. Tiyak naman marami pa rin mga Star Struck at BOBO na mga taga Batangas ang boboto sa kanya. Sasayawan ka lang for few minutes and kakantahan ka ng guest artist, SOLD NA ang BOTO MO.

RE: Noynoy can tap presidential losers

Say that this is wishful thinking or easier said than done, the suggestions in this feedback are not the least impossible. Granting that Aquino wins, he should tap the eight losers by appointing them in his cabinet where their expertise can help the government. Mar Roxas will remain his executive vice-president.

RE: Why not a survey of the issues?

These political surveys have been making a mockery of the voters. In stead of helping people make a better choice of the candidates, they are only ranking personalities in lieu of issues. Surveys delve only on personalities not issues, not people’s fear and concerns.

RE: hanging punishment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dapat ganito ang batas sa Pilipinas..... Sa mga pulitikong swapang, Sa mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan..... Lalo na sa Ampatuan..... Wala silang awa kung pumatay, Dapat wala rin silang awang patayin.

Re: Villar used old Mom to bring Noynoy down

All that millions wasted on political campaigns, must be galling. Election day is looming and Villar is fast running out of options. To resurrect his flagging campaign, his sisters resorted to shoving their old and aging mother out of retirement and into the limelight.