RE: Bakit ayaw bumoto ng ibang OFW dito sa EGYPT

Kumusta na po kayung lahat diyan sa bansang Pinas. Dito po sa bansang EHIPTO ay maraming ayaw bumoto dahil po sa wala daw pong naitutulong ang mga nakaupo diyan sa Pilipinas. Kung baga ito daw pong mga OFW dito ay mga UNFORGOTTEN, AT PINABAYAAN NA ng mga taong naka upo sa ating gobiyerno. Kahit po embassy dito ay halos ayaw nang lapitan ng mga OFW.

Reaction: Willie needs a personal counselor

I appreciate the rage of Willie over Joebert’s criticism that Willie is exploiting students with poor academic performance. I didn’t hear Joebert’s exact remarks but Willie has a point: that it’s only through Wowowee that these less fortunate kids have their fifteen minutes of fame and fortune.

RE: Big shot Willie

I was so saddened by the very negative character Willie is showing the whole world whenever he gets mad. Daring ABS-CBN to choose between him and Jobert Sucaldito in front of millions of national and international viewers was a clear picture of a full grown monster who was once picked up from the rumbles of his tumultous past.

RE: Thank you Mr. Remoto

Hello. I read your article that was posted on the ABS-CBN news website (Bitter Politics) and I would just like to express my deepest admiration and respect for you. Politics has got to be the dirtiest and vilest thing in this country and to enter it head-on. One needs a great deal of courage and an unwavering faith to the people and to the country.

RE: Noynoy's 2nd bogus psyche report

We're getting a bit skeptical and tired of the antics of Villar's camp. They should try doing something honorable and worthwhile, we might just think well of them. Incidentally, psychiatrists don't usually type their own reports, medical secretaries do.

RE: Washington deputy mayor a Filipina, Valerie Santos, really has a chance to be President of the US.

The Philippine Star wrote “Santos, 36, is responsible for implementing Mayor Adrian Fenty’s economic development vision and managing a development pipeline worth more than $13 billion comprising public-private housing, retail, office and parks projects throughout the district.”

RE: Senatorial survey results promise no change

It’s rather sad that while we all clamor for change, surveys show that the same bananas are senatorial frontrunners that promise no breath of fresh air. A few of them are of Showbiz pedigree like Bong Revilla, Jingoy Estrada, Lito Lapid, and Tito Sotto.

RE: The Willie vs. Joubert affair

I cannot think of the exact words to describe Willie Revillame after seeing him on TV lash out at poor Joubert Sucaldito who is just being himself, a journalist and human being who truly cares for people which is so opposite of Willie (hypocrite!).

RE: Phantom presidential candidate

Can of worms are coming out against Manny Villar. He is really a Mystery man. His lawyer is always the spokesman. Why can't he just be on prime time t.v. and tell the truth of all this allegation. Do we want this person to be the next president?? Wake up Voters"

RE: Quiboloy’s support

Pastor Appolo Quiboloy of the Davao Based Kingdom for Jesus the Father said today in his news briefing that, the Almighty Father has already appointed Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro as the new President of the Philippines but Pastor Quiboloy did not say when the Almighty Father will terminate Gibo's appointment and whether G.T. will hold office in Malacanang Palace or elsewhere just like the other Philippine President, complemented by cabinet members whose appointment would probably be also signed by the Almighty Father as recommended by Quiboloy.