RE: Disband the AFP and the PNP, Close the PMA, and replace them with a public security force and a coast guard

Although there are good soldiers in the Philippine military, we must Disband the Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, and the Philippine National Police, PNP, Close the Philippine Military Academy PMA, and Replace them with a PUBLIC SECURITY FORCE and a COAST GUARD This may seem like a radical idea, but as you will see, it is not. As a matter of fact, it is just plain common sense, reasonable, appropriate to Philippine Ethos, and sensitive to the needs of our people.

RE: Who else would do as BEI but teachers

On Talk Back, the question “Should teachers continue to act as BEI’s?” was the issue. The answer is an obvious yes. Why, what other professional groups would take such a thankless job of drudgery but our unsung heroes of public school teachers? The marines? Traffic enforcers?

RE: Erap has reasons to doubt Comelec count

The Comelec has made the mistake of lumping and reporting millions of votes without breaking down where these votes came from. With high-tech communications at its disposal, the Comelec could have easily broken down such huge numbers into smaller bits to determine where they came from for the sake of transparency and credibility. Such detailed figures could have prevented suspicions and protests from disfavored losers. Erap therefore has all the reasons to question Aquino’s lead over him and his readiness to concede.

RE: Wowowee Can Move On (Sans Revillame)

I admire Robin Padilla for accepting to be special host of Wowowee, and to ABS-CBN management for the choice. He has a refreshing aura that is needed by that program. He will warm up in time and he will deliver a far more entertaining presence in Wowowee. He has depth and he is true to himself. It is a far cry from the Revillame cultish and self-edifying attitude.  To Robin, bring it on, show your gift and skills, be humble, we enjoy you.

RE: Congress and the Supreme Court

I surmise that corruption has prospered well during Arroyo’s regime because of the cozy relationship between Congress and the Supreme Court. The system of checks and balance disappeared completely. In a stealthy way, Congress and the Supreme Court had handed to Gloria “absolute power to govern”.

RE: Kris made a wise decision to quit showbiz

Even at the start of the election campaign when critics accused Kris of exploiting her network power for Noynoy, I wrote a feedback letter suggesting that she should take an indefinite leave from Showbiz. That way, she could hit the road and join the LP’s bandwagon free from her stalking fault finders.

RE: Votes of the elderly and the illiterate will be voided by automation

There’s no denying that the Philippines has millions of illiterate and elderly, handicapped voters. As seen on several TV demonstrations, automated election is not a no-brainer piece of cake. Chances are the votes of the elderly and the illiterate will be invalidated for a number of causes: 1.These voters will vote more names than is necessary, not to mention voting on the right box. ...

RE: Automated Voting System

There must have been a rush in judgment in adopting automated voting system while ignoring time constraints, testing, training and transporting of machines. On top of that is the fact that only 90% of the rural areas have electricity.

RE: Election Process Experience

It's good that our election has this PCOS machine because the counting process and result is quicker than the manual counting. Since this is the first time and true that COMELEC is still probing, experimenting, and exploring this kind of system, there are a lot of lapses that they need to improve. But of course to the citizens also, they should be understanding, participative and cooperative for we are all in this together for the betterment of our election system.

Feedback: Dawn of a New Era

Amidst all the black propaganda thrown at Noynoy Aquino, the specter of a failure of elections, and the rumored plan to cheat him and deny him the presidency, people were expecting the worst to happen. But that didn’t hinder their resolve to do their part. Instead, the looming chaos brought out the best in the Filipino people.