Now the your MOA has been dissolved and your comrades in Mindanao are very much frustrated over their drive to terrorized their sleeping Christian neighbors in Lanao del Norte & some other parts, I think the best way for you to escape an escalation of war in Mindanao is to surrender your best criminal friends: Umbra Kato, Commander Bravo & their company to the proper authorities so that they can face the legal consequences for what they have done.

Church interference in the MOA-AD is bad for the Philippines

Can the Catholic church help with that problem? I hope so. If they do, they know what they are creating.

Stop negotiating with the MILF, ax them

The pain, hearthache, all waste of time will not stop unless you exterminate the source of trouble.

How do you solve a problem like Manila ordinance no. 7780?—Jose F. Lacaba

Maybe the almost nude statues of Jesus Christ inside homes, chapels, churches and cathedrals will also be banned?  Or maybe UP's oblation?

A dangerous regime

Aling GMA must be removed from office by hook or by crook because she will put the Philippines in a very difficult situation.

Feedback Aussie Pinoys raise funds for compatriot's ill child

The article read: "You know if we go back to the Philippines it's as if I'm killing my own self and my daughter. Because you notice know these facilities, the Philippines cannot afford to provide these kinds of facilities," Buaya said.

Aiko makes comeback with May-December affair in 'Your Song'

The article read: “Noong first sequences parang I was observing pero siguro talaga kapag mahal mo ang trabaho mo nandiyan lagi so talagang kailangan lang na ita-tarnish mo itong nangalawang,” explains Melendez.

Whose idea was it to increase the salary of GMA and her officials by 100%?

Ang tapang naman ng HIYA ng taong nagbabalak itaas ang sueldo ng mga halal na opisyales tulad ni Aling Gloria ng 100 porsiento.

Marine ambushed

These Marines should know better. Never trust an enemy! If these rebels are appreciative of what the Marines have been doing (good deeds to the rebels), these conflicts would have been long gone.

Guns of the police force

Let me get this straight, the Arroyo government recalled all high powered rifles that were issued to our police force due to their concern, that it may be used to overthrow Gloria’s (worthless ,corrupt and incompetent) administration?