RE: Celebrity politicians should now face the nation on TV

I think it will be timely, reasonable and important to invite celebrity senatorial frontrunners (Bong Revilla, Jingoy Estrada, Tito Sotto, Lito Lapid) and other Showbiz people like Lani Mercado, Lucy Torres, and Roderick Paulate to grace your shows. These winners hardly went on your many Harapan forums yet they topped and handily won the elections. That’s something interesting that Pia Hontiveros, Tina Palma, Ces Drillon, Antony Taberna, and Tony Velasquez might want to delve into in their respective shows.

RE: Lito Atienza's credibility after Lozada kidnapping

Atienza claims to have witnesses to prove that several people took over the EDP section of Manila City hall to fabricate spurious election returns. Why did he not mention the time and date of this occurrence as is with his claim of being cheated due to irregular time and date inputs on ER’s?

RE: Wizard of Oz Pinoy style

Happy Days Are Here Again. Back to a simple life but this time the future offers peace, prosperity, and comfort. Does anyone know the moneybags doing the Broadway Plays in Metro Manila? They can do “The Wizard of Oz” (pinoy style). Translate it in Tagalog or write new songs. But I would suggest doing the musical in English.

Unsolicited advice to the President Apparent Noynoy Aquino's Search Committee

Please consider the interest of the greater number of Filipinos, especially the least privileged, in selecting your Official Family/Cabinet Secretaries. Please forget those who helped you in the campaign. Remember that more than 15 million Filipinos voted for you not because of the few who always surrounds you. Yes, they helped a lot, but I am sure, the welfare of most Filipinos are also always in their minds.

Re: Pacquiao recovering from small ulcer in the stomach

Amah, was Pacquiao seen by a gastroenterologist, a doctor that specialized in the GI tract? Is he being treated holistically that aside from taking the prescribed medicines, there are things he can do not to aggravate his ulcer like not ingesting alcohol, not eating fatty or acidic foods like tomatoes and pineapple; also, he is not to take aspirin (salicylic acid) but if he must take aspirin for pain relief, to take only the enteric coated ones that do not dissolve readily in the stomach but slowly down the tract.

RE: Aquino and Binay - strange bedfellows

There’s a maxim that says “politics makes strange bedfellows”. I hope that doesn’t happen and with Aquino and Binay. The two belong to rival political parties, and though Binay is beholden to Aquino’s mother, Cory, Binay will fight for his political survival, and to hell with gratitude. Already, Binay’s distasteful remark that Aquino’s Vice Presidential partner Mar Roxas will cheat in Mindanao has shown his real color and character that could bother Aquino as a President.

RE: Conceding the elections

Filing an electoral protest by the Estrada's camp when the difference is 5 million votes and some 90% of precincts reporting is a frivolous legal move. That difference is 10% of all registered voters. Erap must accept the verdict of the voters. The magnanimity of a man is seen when he accepts the truth that he tried his very best to win but failed. HIRAP SI ERAP TAGGAPIN ANG HATOL NANG BAYAN (ang tunay na supreme court). Poor loser!

RE: Electoral protest vs. Noynoy Aquino

When I heard on ANC Atty. George Garcia, the lawyer of Erap Estrada, announcing that they are filing an electoral protest vs. election of Noynoy Aquino, I was reminded of William Shakespeare's advice: The first thing to do to reform our society is to kill all lawyers. I am sure the planned protest is all the idea of ERAP's lawyers.

RE: Binay: I think I’ve won!

Sobrang bilib sa sarili ni Binay. Oy, wala pang nabibilang sa Visayas na balwarte ni Mar Roxas. Sa Mindanao nga hindi ka tinanggap ng mga tao eh sa Mindanao pa. Magsama kayo ni Loren Legarda, na ang purpose ay hindi ang tumulong sa bayan kundi gusto lang ng power.

RE: the return of the Marcoses

Now the Marcoses are back in the halls of Congress from mother to son. But the Aquinos are the first family come June. This is history upside down! Expect a coup d'etat or putsch some time.