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United Youth for Peace and Development on the aborted signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain

The aborted signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on August 5, 2008 at Putrajaya, Malaysia, which a paradigm and framework for the negotiation of the GRP-MILF Comprehensive Agreement Compact, represents a collective people’s failure to seize an opportunity for a just, lasting and comprehensive political solution to the four decades old armed conflict and the Bangsamoro problem in the South of the Philippines.

AFP chief tells our soldiers to be loyal to Aling Gloria

This is a dangerous instruction. Well, AFP's main role is to protect the lives of the Filipinos from foreign nor from local oppressors and it must be even in evils. So the Chief of AFP's instruction to obey the chain of command must depend on the on going situation. For instance where our country will really be going under this administration? Is the country tracking the right path for the good of its people or not?

Tax cuts or stimulus package

For me it's tax cuts. Because this will have a direct impact to the people...meaning this will result to higher take home pay for those still employed and will increase their buying/survival capability to propel the economy.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Some six months ago at the Saddleback Forum when the topic of abortion was discussed, your Excellency admitted that the question of when human life begins was beyond your pay grade.  It is therefore with fear and trembling that I learned that one of your first acts as the new President was to overturn the executive orders restored by your predecessor barring U.S. government funds from any foreign or domestic agency that promoted or performed abortions.

It's part of the game

What is happening to Ted Failon is what exactly people working in the media industry get for doing their job. Three issues I want to raise in this post are issues concerning human rights, invasion of privacy and the Police's exaggeration of the story. But wait, I won't say too much -- PNP might charge me with Obstruction of Justice. Where the hell in the world could you find such judicial system? Only in the Philippines!

Feedback on the coming elections

Sa darating na HALALAN sana naman piliin natin kung sino yung karapat dapat kasi kapag hindi tayo rin ang magsisisi.  Sa mga lalaban sana na pangulo siguraduhin nila na makakatulong sila sa ating bayan. Sana sa darating na halalan lahat ng tao ay magkaisa at piliin kung sino ang karapatdapat.

RE: Ka Erdie was the best human being lived on this earth

Mula po dito sa California USA, Ka Erdy was the best human being lived on this earth. We miss him very very much.

Comment posted on "Think-tank sees investors flight over price freeze"

Iba na pala ang Pinas mismo ang nanakot ay ang mga higante kompanya ng langis. Sec. Reyes imbes na ikaw ang magkontrol sa kanila ay ikaw ang kinokontrol ng malaking konpanya ng langis, ang galing nyo gumawa ng gimik! matanda ka na Sec. Reyes at mamatay kana magbakabuti ka naman!

RE: Election Process Experience

It's good that our election has this PCOS machine because the counting process and result is quicker than the manual counting. Since this is the first time and true that COMELEC is still probing, experimenting, and exploring this kind of system, there are a lot of lapses that they need to improve. But of course to the citizens also, they should be understanding, participative and cooperative for we are all in this together for the betterment of our election system.