Re: Noynoy not ready to quit smoking

So, Noynoy continues to smoke. Noticed how people in stressful jobs like nurses, doctors, police personnel, teachers, priests, politicians, etc, smoke a lot? In the western world, graphic warning images are already printed on ciggie packs.

RE: proclaim the president, scrutinize the vice-president

The country needs a president as soon as possible to attend to his formidable job of jump-starting the nation. Noynoy has been formally recognized and complimented by the international world led by the United States. Congress should consider its job of canvassing presidential votes as perfunctory and formality. With due respect to Erap, he should trust the more than five million lead of Noynoy as honest votes and accept the decision of the electorate. He should find some consolation that, despite his loss, millions of his supporters have already vindicated him.

RE: American Intervention in our political arena

One of the reasons for American Intervention in our political arena is because of our election for president can influence the future Governors, Senators, and President in the United States. The election of Governor of New York is important, but the new Governor of California could determine election 2012 for president in America.

RE: Co-equals

Commissioners of COMELEC are on equal footing with Congressmen and should display mutual respect for each other. It is upon COMELEC to see to it that this courtesy is practiced by both sides therefore action has to be taken to remind Cong. Monico Puentabella that he was totally out of line during congressional hearing last Friday in berating Commissioner Larrazabal for comments made to media.

RE: Noynoy’s remarks on Lacson

I hope Noynoy was only misquoted or the reporters must have asked the wrong question when he assured Lacson of fair treatment once he returns home. He said, “Like any other citizen, he (Lacson) can expect the rule of law will be religiously observed. No one will be favored, no one will be persecuted. So whatever his rights are, that will prevail.”

RE: Corona as Chief Justice

Corona ask us Filipinos to let him be on the job as Chief Justice and to judge him on the man that he can be, not on the man that he is, was. The man that he can be might just be pure speculation, a fantasy any five years old can weave. It is to mislead us, detract us from the fact, of the man that he is, an ardent and proven supporter of Gloria Arroyo, almost blind to the core, power hungry, big on paninipsip, that's how Corona appear to us.

RE: Puno is full of it

No matter how you slice and dice the appointment of Corona as chief jurist, one could not help but criticize the Supreme Court decision (for its timing, substance and technical nature) reversing its very own 1998 decision reaffirming Section 15, Article VII and Section 4 Article VIII of the constitution.

RE: Willie at Villar

Wawa Willie walang offer sa TV5! Ano ngayon Willie, ang yabang mong masalita na bakit isa lang ba ang Network? Saan ka ngayon pupulutin sa GMA7? Sigi punta ka run para kami makakita ng the real boxing. Take note, dadaigin pa si Pacman. Saka bakit ngayon mo lang sasabihin hindi ka na masaya sa Wowowee? Ang tagal mo ng tumatanggap ng millions ngayon ka lang nagreklamo?

RE: di dapat umalis si Willie

Isa ako sa masugid na tagasubaybay ng programang Wowowee. Inaamin ko mayabang din ang comment ko kay Wilie Revillame ngunit ang kayabangan na yan kung minsan o madalas ay nagagamit naman niya sa pagtatanggol sa ating mahihirap na kababayan.mabuhay ka pareng Wilie.

Re: Gloria Arroyo's tuko to fight roaches and mosquitoes

Tuko as pest control? So, what were those entomologists (insect specialists) and government workers doing, going from region to region, spending millions on pest eradication programs when a simple, humble, noisy tuko could have easily done the job?