Federalism is a very called-for and timely form of government to address the peace situation in Mindanao. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should listen to the call for charter change which is contradicted by the political opposition because of their evil agenda.

Letter of concern

Have you check articles from Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP). And those reactions both coming from Kapamilya at Kapuso. Maybe somebody or a group should monitor so that we can assess how to improve our shows. Yes. Naalarma na po ko bilang kapamilya sa napakababang rating na nakukuha natin sa Mega Manila.

Shallow analysis in ‘Notes from the campaign trail: Love Sarah-Hate Sarah’

This is one of the more superficial analyses of the current U.S. presidential campaign that I’ve come across. If only Ms. Go had read any of the numerous political commentaries that have been published in the last few months she would have been more informed and therefore better able to convey a more accurate picture of what she is observing here in the U.S. Even Peggy Noonan, renowned Republican who wrote for President Reagan and the first President Bush has outlined her objections to Gov. Palin.

Opinion on ANC Square Off: CVC Law debate

The grand finals debate between Arellano University of Manila and Ateneo de Davao University sponsored by ANC last October 8, 2008 was sensational and definitely a cliff-hanger. Both teams defended their sides expertly, backed by careful and painstaking reasearch and delivered with near perfect eloquence. The Ateneo de Davao, though young and less experienced, defended bravely and stood against their gross onslaught of Arellano, more mature and experienced.


Cristy Fermin

My friends and I from work used to watch The Buzz every Sunday ever since Kris Aquino hosted. But I have no Idea why the style of hosting of Cristy Fermin is tolerated by the Buzz. There is freedom of speech and there is simply hateful disgusting way of insulting actors.

Mabuti pa ang aso kaysa Pinoy - May damit, pagkain at bahay

Lahat tayo ay nag-aasam ng maginhawang buhay dahil lahat tayo ay sawa na sa hirap. Mabuti pa ang aso inaalagaan, pinapaliguan at pinakakain. Ano pa kaya kung ang isang alagang aso ay may lahi at pag-aari ng isang mayaman malamang ay higit pa sa mga nabanggit ang gagawing pag-aalaga. Sa higaan na lamang, sadyang ibinibili ito ng isang mamahaling basket na may saping kutson. 

Al Mendoza

It is sad that a sportswriter in the caliber of Al Mendoza would even think that de la Hoya took a dive (or he is just sourgraping that his boy lost). Dela Hoya has a lot more pride to even think about it

To appeal to international law

This the latest suggestion of UP Law Professor Harry Roque to the senate who is currently handling and investigating the cancelled NBN contract.
This after the SC court maintained it's (9-6) ruling last March 25, 2008 junking anew the senate petition and prohibiting once again Mr. Romulo not to answer the three questions asking to him by the senate. The decisioned made the NBN deal almost over.

Abortion in the Philippines

It’s a relief (instead of worrisome) that some Catholic Filipinos in the Philippines choose abortion where parents, government and Philippine resources can’t feed its people anymore. Spain is a case, where we copy Catholicism – it has the highest abortion rate in Europe thus leaving Spain with the lowest  birth rate in Europe.


Now the your MOA has been dissolved and your comrades in Mindanao are very much frustrated over their drive to terrorized their sleeping Christian neighbors in Lanao del Norte & some other parts, I think the best way for you to escape an escalation of war in Mindanao is to surrender your best criminal friends: Umbra Kato, Commander Bravo & their company to the proper authorities so that they can face the legal consequences for what they have done.