How do you solve a problem like Manila ordinance no. 7780?—Jose F. Lacaba

Maybe the almost nude statues of Jesus Christ inside homes, chapels, churches and cathedrals will also be banned?  Or maybe UP's oblation?

Stop negotiating with the MILF, ax them

The pain, hearthache, all waste of time will not stop unless you exterminate the source of trouble.

Church interference in the MOA-AD is bad for the Philippines

Can the Catholic church help with that problem? I hope so. If they do, they know what they are creating.


Now the your MOA has been dissolved and your comrades in Mindanao are very much frustrated over their drive to terrorized their sleeping Christian neighbors in Lanao del Norte & some other parts, I think the best way for you to escape an escalation of war in Mindanao is to surrender your best criminal friends: Umbra Kato, Commander Bravo & their company to the proper authorities so that they can face the legal consequences for what they have done.

Abortion in the Philippines

It’s a relief (instead of worrisome) that some Catholic Filipinos in the Philippines choose abortion where parents, government and Philippine resources can’t feed its people anymore. Spain is a case, where we copy Catholicism – it has the highest abortion rate in Europe thus leaving Spain with the lowest  birth rate in Europe.

Food crisis in the Philippines

The best solution to the food crises here was inspired by Charlton Heston's "Soylent Green". Gather all politicians-attorneys, and most doctors and priests and process them into nutritious granola like bars. This would feed the poor and eliminate those that are getting fat from corruption.


Federalism is a very called-for and timely form of government to address the peace situation in Mindanao. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should listen to the call for charter change which is contradicted by the political opposition because of their evil agenda.

Below poverty level

If I were the president or elected government officials of a country like the Philippines, I would have no face to show to the world. But these government officials from top to bottom are callous to the cry of their own people.

They are tied up with their own agenda of the charter change but never pay attention to the 24 million Filipinos who are living below the poverty level.

Leave the Ilagas alone

The Armed Forces Of The Philippines cannot defend  every town in Mindanao, and branding the Ilagas a vigilante group will only gives the MILF another diabolical route to massacre civilians.

Problema sa Mindanao

Itong usapan pangkapayaan sa Mindanao sa pagitan ng kinatawan ng Gobyerno natin at MILF ay 12 taon na.