Crab mentality: beyond issue on unknown legacy

It’s definitely an argument that always promotes certain circumstances, provoking rights against the will to have priceless assets which cannot be ruined by such vulnerable judgment. But limitation does matter in regaining credibility and is obviously persuaded by a rogue party responsible for detaining the freewill vested, before our naked eye open to the truth ever since.
Somehow everything would cross out the justification to prove an inner ego respected in uplifting premises denoting unbiased reality. This could be done by diplomacy using a legitimate medium… spreading the phrase…. “ Read My Mind….” which accordingly to the last stronghold attached particularly on rational sense deployed to undistinguishable prerequisite of the past.

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, USA must be an example to RP politicians

Gov. Sarah Palin voluntarily told Senator John McCain, the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the November 4th presidential election that her 17 year old daughter, Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant and her husband Todd Palin was caught driving under the influence of alcohol when he was still 22 years old. 
This was the advance information of Palin about her family before she faces the several hundred thousand Americans and delegates attending the national convention of the Republicans set to begin today (Sept. 3) in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. And before she officially accepts the offer of Senator Jonh McCain as his running mate in the US presidential election on November 4. The revelation of Gov. Sarah Palin was well accepted by her fellow Republicans. This advance information aims to prevent the Democrats from using her family's life as an issue 60 days from now in their campaign slogan.

Nurses as OJTs

I’m Mark Anthony T. Daluz from Cagayan de Oro. I would like to commend you for your news about nurses being asked to pay by the hospitals for training or OJT experience. I want you to make a follow up report with regards to the said issue since I myself experienced it and know a certain hospital here in Cagayan de Oro asking for the said payment. The Northern Mindanao medical hospital which is a government hospital is guilty of it. That is why I was so mad at Secretary Duque when he denied that there are government hospitals doing it.

Why involve Pacquiao in politics?

These people from the Arroyo regime will stop at nothing, Pacquiao is the only person left in the country that people look up to with respect and admiration, he is the only one that brings the country joy, out of all the misery and sorrows that the Gloria Arroyo regime has inflicted to our people and the country. Lahat talaga gagawin ni Gloria para mahawakan lang ang kapangyarihan at kadupangan. Wala na kayong pakundangan, ang kaisa-isang bagay na nag-papawala ng kalungkutan ng mga taong bayan, kahit na sandali kukunini ninyo pa!  

EVAT from oil was used as GMA's milking cow

Why not? Look according to expectation the EVAT from oil alone since it was implemented three years ago when the oil was only pegged at $30 a barrel reached P18 billion.
Looking back at the past two months, the government of Aling Gloria already released P4 billion to subsidize the rate of electricity in Metro Manila last May 2008 and after a month another P4 billion was used to help our farmers buy a bag of fertilizer, to boost education "kuno" and help people in public transport. 
And how will the public know this P8 billion really reach the intended beneficiaries? Ok, we saw on television some people received P500 pesos. Is that enough to say the P8 billion were already distributed to the people? No more accounting? 
Now Secretary of Budget Rolando Andaya said no more subsidies will be given to the public because the EVAT from oil worth P18 as windfall is over. Does he mean the remaining P10 billion from VAT blew away like bubbles?. 
Aba, ganito na ba katinik talaga sa gastusan ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas sa pinamumunuan ng isa sa PINAKAMALAKAS daw na babae sa buong mundo.

Salary Upgrade

DBM secretary Andaya is pushing for salary increase from the president down the ladder of the government bureaucracy probably under instruction from that illigitimate and immoral president of his so as to win pogi points from the rank and file.


Magandang araw po sa inyo dyan. Palagi kaming nanood sa programa ninyo sa television ANC and TFC channel. Ang naisulat ko dito ay isang Feedback lamang sa isang programang aming natunghayan tungkol sa pagdisarm ng grupong Ilaga.

FW: Bandila's Monday's episode aired on SBS Australia 02 Sept 08

I would like to express my discontent over your Monday's episode aired on SBS Australia on 02 Sept 08.  This is in relation to the obituary read by your male newscaster for both “Mang Pandoy” and “Tiya Dely”.  Talk about fair journalism: How come at the end of each person’s story, you have spoken of your commiseration with Tita Dely’s situation, but there was no sympathy aired for Mang Pandoy?  Just because the latter is considered of insignificant value, still you could have balanced the news by showing compassion for both. I feel sorry for the loved ones of Mang Pandoy.

Reaction to CHR’s De Lima

Can you tell the CHR people especially De Lima to stop playing around.

How Manny Pacquiao can help

Manny Pacquiao doesn't have to join any party to help his people in Cotabato. if he really wants to achieve peace there he can do so without the help of any party. He is losing his credibility if he does that belonging to a party dreaded by our people.