Immunize bribe givers from prosecution via the grand jury system to stop government corruption

If the SC decision on NBN-ZTE is a set back in the fight against corruption, I recommend that we all endorse the enactment by the referendum process of the "People's Jury Initiative". 
Grand Juries and Trial Juries are "no respecter of any grafter" regardless of whether he is a president, a senator, congressman, governor, datu or sultan which can send any of them to jail without fear or favor. 


The big 3 oil firms are Caltex, Shell & Petron. Caltex is a product of Chevron.

Big-3 mandurugas sa oil market

Kung titignan natin ang pahina 12 ng OPEC report na ito, marami palang klaseng krudo na pwedeng inegosyo. Tulad ng BCF-17 o Oriente na nasa 87 US$ at ang pinakamataas naman ay nasa 102 US$ na tulad ng Bonny Light, Minas, Saharan Blend o W Texas Intermediate.
Malinaw na mayroong 15 US$ na diperensya.
Ang tanong ay, ano talagang klaseng krudo ang binebenta ng BIG-3 sa ating mamamayan. DI ba sa larangan ng negosyo, para UMUNLAD at LUMAGO ang negosyo ay bibili tayo ng pinakamababang halaga at tapos ibebenta natin nito na mas mataas sa halagang binayad natin.

MILF to be blamed for any future escalation in the fighting in Mindanao!

With the warlike, cavalier and arrogant attitudes of some of the MILF members and hierarchy, it would really be impossible to deal with them at this stage, unless they soften their demands. Because of the sincerity of the Philippine Government to strike peace, a peace that would seem will not be sustainable in the first place or will not last that long simply because of the die hard attitudes of the MILF to secede and form their own country, GRP through the previous AFP Chief hurriedly negotiated this MOA, at the expense of transparency (behind closed doors) and found out the majority of those who will be affected do not want such a deal. However, admitting this error, I think it was unjustified for the MILF (not only for the central committee) to launch that inhuman, evil and unexpected attack against unarmed civilians.

Country matters more than the party

This was what Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman said in his yesterday's speech at the national convention of the Republican party held at Minnesota, USA. And calling all   Americans and his fellow Democrats to support and vote the Republican ticket on November 4, 2008 presidential election.
While listening to his short speech (of Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman) through the video in the Internet he caught my attention as an OFW and a common citizen of the Philippines when he said the following words;

Where is the 720 million pesos now?

Mr. Justice Secretary Gonzalez commented with regard to Joc-Joc Bolante's return: "I don’t believe that whatever he says can still affect President... this has been pounded on for so many years. Lumang isyu na ito," he said.
"Lumang isyu na ito." But the larger question is where now is where is the 720 million pesos used for the fertilizer fund? On top of that, PGMA is also asking for a salary increase para mahinto na ang kanyang pangurakot? 

For Panlilio and against Pacquiao

Those in Pampanga who want Gov Ed Panlilio to be recalled are GMA's puppets who cannot be corrupt because he’s there. That's why they want him out,

To Pokwang

I am a fan who never misses any show that you are "on".

Manny Pacquiao and politics

Pacquiao is the greatest Filipino fighter that our country have ever had, and I do respect him highly for his achievements, but to get himself involved in politics, most specially joining the most corrupt political group that is responsible for most of the death and suffering of the people and its country today, is so insensitive and not a very well thought of plan.
What exactly can Pacquiao do for the people that he has not already done?

Nursing grads in the call center

It is a little bit funny - professional nurses taking job in the call centers. Going to college for 4 years, spending so much money, so much of their time in going to school and going to their clinical practice, hundred of thousands of pesos spent for their goal to finish nursing isn't a joke.
It is hard to accept really where we have to go. Thinking of the hardship of these poor fresh nursing professionals, think of the hardship of their parents to send their child to nursing, thinking of the future - like a father who had to give up his big time job as a manager in a prestigious hotel in order to mind his children like my husband who had to drive my kids to school one after the other because 3 went to nursing school. And the mother of the kids is an OFW working hard too to meet the financial needs of the kids for school for her dream that her kids will have a better life when they finish their school.