Is P2.6 billion really for FMRs?

Or this pork barrels are in preparation for 2010 election. I heard Secretary of Agriculture Arthur Yap is eyeing to run as Senator, I heard Mr. Arthur Yap will handle the distribution of these pork barrels and I heard this 2.6 billion pesos are for congressmen, senators, governors and mayors allied to Aling Glo ONLY.
How about lawmakers and local executives not allied to Aling Gloria. Meaning to say no money will shower in the vicinity of their offices for the so called Farm-To-Market roads (FRMs) program of the government. In short these fund are not really for FMRs. But for Pocket-To Pocket (PTPs) of GMA's allies now that May 14, 2010 is nearing. They want their old machineries to roll as early as possible.

To appeal to international law

This the latest suggestion of UP Law Professor Harry Roque to the senate who is currently handling and investigating the cancelled NBN contract.
This after the SC court maintained it's (9-6) ruling last March 25, 2008 junking anew the senate petition and prohibiting once again Mr. Romulo not to answer the three questions asking to him by the senate. The decisioned made the NBN deal almost over.

SSS Mess

I’ve been using SSS e-services lately. To my surprise, I can see someone else’s personal information after logging on with my credentials. I tried doing this two weeks ago and saw the profile of a guy who’s working for a call center. I can see all his personal details.
I tried it again today and what I saw are personal details of someone working abroad. Now, I am sure that someone else is also seeing my account information. I wonder what’s going on. Could it be that the public is paying the salaries of SSS’ IT people who are sleeping in their job? Why don’t they just shut down the system to secure members’ information?

Santiago's action vs. Kiko

As for Pangilinan, who was Santiago’s student in law school, the often outspoken woman senator said: "If he were still my student in the UP College of Law, it is conceivable that I would have flunked him and I would advise him to take another course."

DOLE says new jobs for Filipinos opening up in six countries wrote: In a related development, activist labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno chairman Elmer Labog criticized DOLE for its "export labor policy."
Labog said that this demonstrates the lack of domestic labor opportunities. Actually there are labor opportunities in the Philippines and most of them would be in AGRICULTURE. The Philippine government should really give AGRICULTURE a BOOST by...

SC decision on NBN-ZTE sets back fight vs. corruption

My reaction on the above subject is based on the pastoral letters of the CBCP issued on Feb. 26, 2008 and based on the rule of law.
Why would the SC decision on executive privilege and on the particular case of NBN-ZTE alone set back the fight against corruption, when, in fact, the determination of the CBCP is that "continuing corruption" emanates "from top to the bottom of our social and political ladder." 
To my mind, this means social ladder includes people selling their votes, some people who bribe others whenever the former needs favors from the former and it could include some media practitioners who do not practice "objective reporting without bias and partiality" and instead, perform "selective and tendentious reporting of facts." 

SC ruling on the NBN-ZTE Deal

I do not want to advocate violence, but it seems that all peaceful and legal remedies have became futile with the majority of the Supreme Court in the Philippines favoring more the "executive privilege".

Ban on Artificial Sweetener said: A party-list representative is seeking a ban on food products that contain the artificial sweetener aspartame, citing studies that suggest it may cause seizures and even death. Rep. Narciso Santiago III of the party-list Alliance for Rural Concerns listed Nutrasweet, Spoonful and Equal-Measure as some of the substitute sweeteners that contain aspartame in his House Bill 4747. This is another brain-fart bill! 

Again SC voted 9-6 for Mr. Neri

SC decision on the petition of senate panel regarding former NEDA and CHED Secretary was 9-6 again in favor of him (Mr. Neri) The questions were as follows;
(1) whether or not President Arroyo followed up the NBN project.
(2) whether or not she directed him to prioritize it.
(3) whether or not she directed him to approve it despite knowledge of the alleged bribery — propounded by the members of the Senate committees investigating the anomalies surrounding the NBN project.

Low performing nursing schools in the Philippines

I always watch TV Patrol after my work to keep me updated of what is happening to our country.
I just want to react to one of your recorded videos that you have shown while trying to explain what was all about low performing schools in the Philippines. I find it offensive when you flashed my batch mates in UST Nursing 2003 in our Auditorium. I am worried that if ever other people will recognize our uniform they might think that we are one of those low performing schools.