Who is to blame for government corruption?

Like any country on earth, there are two fundamental “divides” in the people in the Philippines, namely: The rich and powerful (R&Ps) in one hand and the poor and the weak (P&Ws) on the other hand which compose over 90%, an absolute majority, of the Philippine Democracy and they belong to the private sector of Society.
The R&Ps are but a tiny portion of society, may be less than 10% of the entire population of the Philippines, but they are the most highly affluent privileged holders of government powers, money, guns and JUSTICE.

Be biased or investigate!

I am one of many Filipinos browsing in ABS-CBN online, reading the daily news.
Sad to say that in terms of articles on the MILF and AFP, I have seen the bias in reporting from your side.
The following statement is really the truth in what happened last Friday. It should be a shame on your side that your report was a BIG LIE.
Joint forces from various outfits of the Philippine Army attacked forces of the 107th Base Command of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) yesterday about 1230pm while performing their Friday congregational prayer inside a Mosque at Daliao, Maasim, Saranggani.

Mandatory Tax Identification Number

Until now, the mandatory TIN (Tax Identification Number) requirement for all banks, money transfers and government transactions is not yet implemented.

Shipping firms still prefer Pinoy seafarers

That’s good....I’m a seafarer as well...the pay is good but the lifestyle is not...

Cordillera gears for rising demand for Kalinga Brew

Why not cultivate this coffee in millions of hectares of fertile Philippine soil?   Almost every country in the world has tens of millions of coffee loving/drinking people. Coffee offers big, huge, gargantuan, colossal business opportunities! I for one love coffee but hate the taste of the coffee that I buy from the groceries here -- Folgers, and other brands.   It tastes like shredded woodchips with chemical flavor!  

Philippines lags behind Asia in ease of doing business: World Bank

I saw the headline "Philippines lags Asia in ease of doing business: World Bank" and I thought this is something we should be asking feedback from the authority, verify its authenticity, and is newsworthy.

Why it is hard to catch Bravo and Kato

I was watching the evening news and I feel sorry for our kababayans in Mindanao who are affected by the war, which I feel, should not have happened if that someone in Malacañang would have thought of the people's welfare first before her ambition. I fully support the government soldiers' efforts in bringing the MILF commanders to justice, dead or alive.

Gulo sa Mindanao nagpapalala sa human trafficking

This is in reaction to a NEWS segment in Bandila (Sept. 4, 2008 Monday) entitled Gulo sa Mindanao, nagpapalala sa human trafficking.
Center for Women's Resources, a research and training institute for women, also expresses concern over the escalating military operations in Mindanao and its effects on women and children--the most vulnerable during calamities such as armed conflicts.

'Modern family planning same as genocide'

The Vatican's stand on genocide is therefore this...
"We, the Vatican and the entire Catholic Church, favor genocide via the slow - long enduring - and very excruciatingly painful process of dying from constant hunger brought about by the fact that we strictly enforce that our members not adhere to any family planning methods and want all of them to bear as many children as they can from too much unbridled sex - that's right, produce lots of children whom they absolutely cannot afford to feed!". 

Barely 5 days after RNC, Sen. McCain overtook the lead of Sen. Obama

In the latest USA Gallup poll dated Sept. 8, 2008, Sen. McCain got 50% as Republican presidential candidate and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got 46% of voters in the November 4 election.
This sudden twist of polls is in relation to the surprise selection of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as the running mate of Senator John McCain to face the Democratic candidate in the 2008 election.