RE: Naga's biggest shabu lab busted! A Frame-up? Or a Raid gone bad?

The swooping (or what they call "search") made by the NBI and the PDEA last September 13 was very "successful", there had been items specially large amount of cash and items such as cellphone (from one of the victims) LOST during the said event. None of which was reported nor submitted to the NBI. 


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's inclusion on People's magazine 2008 list of best-dressed women is an item for "Believe it or not."

BIR and NSO team up

I am Christian Hernandez from Davao City. Di ko lang alam kung san proper ilagay itong argument ko. But anyway, sana kayo na lang magpaabot kung saan man ito ma-process ng maayos.
Ang mga empleyado ngayon ay mag-eenjoy ng additional exemption benefits as declared by PGMA. Ibig sabihin liliit taxes na babayaran ng mga Pilipino.
Pero bago ma-enjoy ng Pilipino ito, kelangan daw magsubmit ng birth certificate ng mga anak mo na galing sa NSO?

Urgent: this is a response regarding the Ferdie Nadera case here in Kuwait

Well this is to confirm everything about the case that Mr. Ferdie Nadera got in.
Mr. Ferdie Nadera was innocent and has nothing to do with it and there is nothing illegal or against to Kuwait law that had happen to that x3m showdown show. Wala pong kalaswaan nangyari sa show nung gabi na yun. Isa lang po talaga ang pinagmulan ng lahat meron po kasing isang participant ng modeling event na tinangal kasi hindi po niya na meet yung qualifications for the modeling.

The subprime mortgage crisis

I was hopeful when I read the title that perhaps someone had finally looked at our own vulnerabilities to the on-going financial meltdown in Wall Street. I was particularly interested in the analysis behind the conclusion that RP wouldn't follow in the footsteps of the US subprime mortgage crisis. I was sadly disappointed on both counts. I found the piece wanting in more dimension, perspective, and analysis, all of which could have been helped by a more exhaustive research effort.

A Prescription for Cancer

While the pervasive political graft and corruption amidst us is a disgrace to our nation and our people, a rape against all of us, those officials who obviously accept and practice them, and those who support this social cancer, are worse than the malignant crooks themselves. Their perverted senses of right and wrong, of justice, crime and punishment, are pathologic and sickening.
Take the case of Governor Ed Panlilio of Pampanga, a penniless priest, who won the election fairly and squarely against two well-entrenched “unbeatable’ powerful kingpins with well-funded political machineries in his province.

Fw: Aborted Ancestral Homeland Agreement

Granting the Muslims of Mindanao and Sulu an ancestral homeland with the right to bear weapons of war  is a prescription for further instability and more bloodshed in the region. It is naive to think that, once granted autonomy, radical Muslim elements will stop short of fighting for independence. The Phillipine government's policy of benign neglect toward the region is a fuel on which Muslim etremist sentiments feed. If the Philippine government does not have the will and the means to pacify the region, why not do the inevtiable? Partition the region. 

Understanding ancestral domain

The so-called “Ancestral Domain” is indeed misleading for Neo-Filipinos. Our ancestors were people of the same genetic origin … a Melenesian/Polynesian-Malayan breed. Chaos started when religious imports; e.g. Islam and Christianity … started to dominate those peace-loving ancestors. It divided those indigenous islanders … brain-washed with imported ambiguous religious dogmas fitted with classical and rigorous religious anathema.

Re: AFP's statement on MILF child-warriors

“The Armed Forces of the Philippines has run-out of alibis but to justify their atrocities to children civilians by declaring the victims as “collateral damage” and worst, branding these innocent moro children as MILF child-warriors,” according to KABIBA Alliance for Children’s Concerns’ executive secretary, Honey May Idul-Suazo.


Drunk driving

Hi, I don't know if you'll be able to read or make some action to wake authorities up. This is about the Law on drunk driving in the Philippines.
I just find it so amazing that those drivers who caused or experienced accidents get away w/ the Law. Because safety is already compromised if an individual is uncoordinated when he's/she's drunk.