Fw: How did Sen. Villar go from rags to riches?

On the C-5 road construction according to records presenting by Sen. Jamby Madrigal, Sen. Villar benefited by several hundred million of pesos when the government bought his land wherein the C-5 expansion would pass.

On Vina Morales' pregnancy

May mga taong nagsasabi na sa PEP forums na Shaina Magdayao is the new Gretchen Barretto, ngayon naman may nag sasabi na Vina Morales is the new Gretchen Barretto. Which automatically means Shaina Magadayo is the new Claudine Barretto. I don't really agree. But if you will think about it nakakatindig balahibo, kasi suuper totoo.

IHL and Geneva Convention Violations of the MILFand the CPP-NPA-NDF

This is the most blatant and cruel example of how the MILF can heartlessly add insult to injury with such an insensitive statement. After allowing lawless MILF Commanders Bravo and Umbra Kato to go off the hook after laying waste to peaceful civilian communities in Mindanao , now they brand the excruciating pain and suffering of the victims as mere “collateral damage”?

Lacson’s motives

The writer is absolutely on target regarding the motive of this presidential wannabe. Yes, Mr. Lacson or anyone wanting to be called crusader for good government, if you want to appear credible to us the citizenry, denounce if you must but don't be selective doing it. Make all traitors to the people's trust shiver at the prospect of just retribution, not just those you find disfavor with.

Nadia Montenegro On Cristy Fermin

I watched portion of the interview by Boy Abunda with Nadia Montenegro in the show The Buzz. I also read the story at I truly believe that Nadia is telling the truth about Cristy.

Five big food firms in RP say products are safe (Feedback)

I suggest that BFAD or even other independent institutions (UP for example) should test milk samples from these 5 companies, including Nestlé, Fonterra, etc other international milk brands selling milk here in the Philippines.

DOH and the milk crisis

Who will believe this test. The expert Dr. Eric Tayag said last time that consuming melamine is not harmful to humans.
This doctor is really an expert and should be dismissed from DOH. The whole world is saying the milk from China tainted with melamine causes kidney stones, including China and yet he insists it does not cause any harmful effect in human. 

Tainted milk

The fact that China banned Yili, Mengniu is concrete reason enough to ban the same milk brands including Jolly Cow in the Phil. Jolly Cow milk from China is expected to be more contaminated than Yili and Mengniu.Health should be the most important consideration in this situation.

News anchor interruption & pretentions

This is regarding your live coverage of Senate Hearings. I noticed that you often interrupt the live coverage only to let your anchors "summarize" and interpose their own views of the covered live event. However, what the anchors are doing are mere reiteration and paraphrasing of the discussions. The paraphrasing are found to be paltry and significantly lacking of insight that it is much better to hear the actual discussions. I do not want to listen to your anchors reiterating what has already been said. Your audience is more intelligent and they know or understand what they hear from the hearings. They don't need you to paraphrase, more so to pretend to inject analyses and substance to an already substantial discussion in the Senate. Let's hear the protagonists directly please.


Food scare extended to Chinese White Spirits

I'm not surprised that sodium nitrate is found in Chinese white spirit like Moutai, Wuliangye, etc - as it is a preservative and helps with the aging process. The Chinese are very lax when it comes to safety and quality control. For example when they say that a bottle of Maotai or Wuliangye is 50 years old – there is no proof from the local state certifying body that this is so – unlike the wine & spirit industries in France or Scotland. Imagine an 80 yrs old vintage Moutai or Wuliangye that dates back to the early 1900s before Communist China when most bourgeois industries were destroyed by the Red Army??? So the Chinese white spirit manufacturers do as they like – with very little government supervision or quality checking.