Cristy Fermin

Wow… I can’t believe it. Cristy Fermin is still on the show...I have called my friends and Family if they still watch the Buzz and the answer is “OF COURSE NOT”. It’s a trashy show and besides the trash is still there. Good bye the Buzz. Hello Showbiz Central and Star talk. I’d rather listen to Butch Francisco. Than to Listen to Boy Abunda with Cristy Fermin.

Where is Justice?

A young woman was gang-raped and poisoned to her death, and her own father forced to watch the whole thing! This was the work of Etik Espinosa and yet he went scot-free again.

Impeachment the "MOVIE"

Please do not report anymore on the impeachment. Nag-papapogi lang mga yun sa MEDIA!!!

OFW's going home...

As I watched in TFC TV Patrol news last night that the reason some OFW’s were going home had no connection about the struggle of the FINANCIAL crisis worldwide.

Hong Kong's racism against Philippine citizens

I hope that you be so kind as to publish this letter in to let the Filipino people know of the racism and abuse of process being perpetrated by immigration agents at the Hong Kong International Airport against Philippine citizens. I am a native-born U.S. citizen and U.S. passport holder. On October 5th, 2008 I flew from the U.S. to Hong Kong to meet my Filipino girlfriend who is 21 years old and who has never been outside the Philippines. We are engaged to be married.

Another impeachment in time for the global crisis

I cannot understand why on earth those clown lawyers, congressman and a son of a politician filed an impeachment compliant against Gloria.

RE: 6,000 Pinoys stranded in Mideast due to UAE visa snags

Actually, I already have a job in Abu Dhabi. The only difference is that my office, which is UK-based, sent me home instead of sending me to Kish Island, like what they used to do. But because of all the hassle of getting an EMPLOYMENT Visa (note: it was an Employment Visa, not Tourist/ Visit Visa), they decided to drop the job offer and informed me thru email that they will not be pushing thru with my application.

Philam Life

About Philam Life, I decided to surrender my Philam Plan pension plan which will mature on 2012. I had a very sad experience with CAP wherein my daughter was already in her 2nd year in college and after application of benefits every semester, even after their claimed rehabilitation plan, we haven’t received a single centavo.

Oil found in Palawan

Ngayon pa lang ay it seems na marami na ang foreign companies ang gustong makisawsaw sa Palawan. Nakakatakot ang pangyayari knowing we have a corrupt government. Please do your research about Nigeria to cover up a story of their oil and what are the conditions of the people, hoping that this will not happen in the Philippines.

On the dismissal of Ogie Diaz

I always wait for his segment, Umagang Kay Showbiz.  It keeps the show alive aside from the bands/artist there. Try to review a complete program with and without the segment. If you will notice, the show is dry until the end without him.
He will be missed a lot. The show will be totally different now. Probably the ratings will go down. I assure you.