Letter to P. Noy from Right to Know. Right Now! Coalition

An Appeal for Inclusion of the Passage of the Freedom of Information Act as one of the President’s Priority Measures for the 15th Congress

RE: Aquino and Binay are not compatible

P-Noy and Binay can’t work in harmony. Election results unfortunately made the two strange bedfellows. Fact 1: Binay didn’t vote for Aquino and Aquino didn’t vote for Binay. They belong to opposite poles, so why should they now support each other politically? The only affinity Binay has to P-noy is that he was once a staunch ally of Noynoy’s mother, Cory, during People Power.

RE: The new president

My Filipino friends are in my house watching the inauguration of the new President Noynoy Aquino as the 15th Philippines until it is over with great expectations.

New DOH secretary not engaged in organ trade

Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

RE: Legalizing the illegal

We have already run out of any kind words for the out going Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because of her propensity to legalized what is illegal even in last few of days of her stay in office in Malacanang such as:

Re: Dr Esperanza Cabral and the anti-smoking lobby

DOH's Dr Esperanza Cabral should don an armour. She's in for an uphill battle. Ethically, she can only recommend, advise and persuade smokers to quit smoking, not force them. As people, smokers have autonomy, the right to decide what is good for them, and as doctor, Esperanza Cabral has to respect that decision even if that decision goes against her grain, and lead to people's demise.

RE: Justices of the Supreme Court

Justices of the Supreme Court make better judges in beauty contests, singing contests, reality shows, and even hot-dog and beer drinking contests. They (justices) lack the gift of wisdom and persuasion.Chief Justice Corona should replace one of the judges (Kris Aquino or Luis Manzano) in the show "Filipinas Got Talent." and see how the ratings move.

RE: The incoming administration told to recruit cute and fragrant cabinet officials

Kung magsasalita itong mga cabinet members ng kasalukuyang administrasyon akala mo mga cute at mababango sila e karamihan nga sa kanila mga amoy lupa na rin. Hahaha.

RE: Canvassing the canvassers

Canvassing is excruciatingly slow and for the wrong reasons: too much high-falutin and grandstanding talk from politicians who ask too many questions only for mere media consumption. Often times, after so many “Mr. Chairman”, “Mr. Speaker,” and “Mr. President”, these lawmakers who are supposed to ask questions, answer their own questions in such long-winding details that can bore the most patient listener.