RE: Choosing a candidate

On May 10, let’s choose a presidential bet who has a realistic platform? Because during a presidential election various forms of cheating are very common. For example a presidentiable will say I will lift the lives of the poor, I will create jobs, etc. Let’s not be carried out by their sweet words.

Re: Ang kahalagahan ng maayos ng pas-gastos ng remittances

Pat A. Sto Tomas has hit a nerve. And we look the other way. We Filipinos spend big. To us kuto ng lupa, prestige is everything and we must have our 15 minutes of fame. We are told that sky is the limit, that it is desirable for us to be utterly rich, have the flashiest of cars, the biggest house, the most jewels, have the best of everything under the sun. We want to be noticed, liked and remembered, loved and accepted, sikat, patok, even for a short while.

RE: atrasan sa Harapan

Sayang, nag-atrasan sa Harapan ang mga candidato. It’s an upsetting piece of news. Naka-patataka because the Harapan was supposed to bring candidates face to face with the people and hopefully win some votes. Though the Presidentiables denied their “retreat”, it is apparent that their vice teammates got scared of the “wars” gadget that Harapan had used to collate instant response from the people.

Feedback: Pacman vs. Kris

“If Noynoy has Kris, I have Pacman,” says Manny Villar, a.k.a. “Money Villarroyo.” Thus began the battle royale between two Titans in the entertainment industry. Yup, it’s going to be Pacman vs. Kris, folks. Pacman has 48-3-2 stats (confirmed) while Kris has 36-24-36 stats (unconfirmed). Kris is brainy and beautiful, Pacman is brawny and loves beautiful women. Kris is good at acting, Pacman is acting like he can act good. Kris sings and dances on stage, Pacman sings in a karaoke bar and dances in the ring. Well, folks, may the best woman win!

Feedback: useless for the Comelec to “purify” party-list

Sarmiento boasts that the Comelec will purify the Party-List of unworthy nominees. This is an exercise in futility because one doesn’t purify bacteria but should destroy it in stead. It is Congress that should be purified of these useless, intractable, and expensive party-list virus.

RE: Umatras si Gibo at Edu

I heard the comments of these two candidates running for public office the reason why they are not really focused on your Harapan debates. I agree with Gibo, that he already presented his program if he got elected president. We heard and saw him couple of times, how he handled the questions and answers, it made sense to me.

RE: Aling Gloria and the military

The move of Aling Gloria and the AFP recently scared the public. First of all, why did General Delfin Bangit and General Jesus Verzosa meet last week.

RE: FG taken to hospital

I hope and pray that it is not the end of his existence on earth yet. If God wants him to survive....Atty. Mike T. Arroyo I think, might be a completely changed man.

RE: Wala nang Pag-asa ang Pilipinas

Wala na sa isip namin ang mag boto sa bawat halalan. Matauhan na kayo kabayan, hangang ngayon nag papauto’ pa ba rin kayo sa mga politico sa atin? Mag sikap na lang kayo nang sarili nyo para magkaroon magandang kinabukasan ang pamilya nyo. Uto’ ditto Uto’ doon. Laht na kandidato sa bansa natin parehas lang lahat yan.

RE: Ann Curtis' predicament

Hindi ninyo dapat ginawa na palabasin ito sa youtube imbis na tulungan ang isang babae. Para pa ninyo binabastos ito . Kung sa inyo nangyari yan , how do feel or sa nanay ninyo or kapatid ninyo e di makikipag away din kayo.