RE: Pera Pacquiao (pera-pera lang ang laban)

Alam niyo bilib ako sa mga tao na maabilidad sa buhay, pero sana gamitin nila yong abilidad nila para umunlad ang buhay. Katulad ni Manny Pacquiao dahil sa pagbo-boxing naging sikat at mayaman dahil sa galing sa ring.

RE: Pacquiao is too big to represent tiny Saragani

Politically speaking, Manny Pacquiao is a square peg getting into a round hole. The Sarangani folks do need to have a voice in Congress (more than the gays and lesbians do) but not Manny who is already national representative, treasure, and property of the entire nation.

RE: Aling Gloria set to ignore independent commission

Aling Gloria is set to ignore independent commission that will be put up by the next administration. This was according to her deputy presidential spokeperson Charito Planas.

RE: To be born poor is no presidential issue

I read all about the allegations and counter-allegations regarding Manny Villar's claim of his being a very poor fellow, and his being pro poor. So what if he came from a poor family? Why does he have to brag or emphasize in his ads that he came from a humble beginning.

RE: The harapan debacle: Who's afraid of feedback?

Harapan is an occupational hazard. When we were in grade school, in Grade Three, we had harapan too. We had oral presentations and debates, heated at times that our teacher Mrs Salvador had to separate us, threatening us with the big fat ruler she always carried.

RE: Rafanan always barks but never bites

Atty. Rafanan of the Comelec always talks tough on television. His body language and facial expression make him look like a sheriff about to arrest Billy the Kid. He keeps announcing the litany of flagrant election and/or campaign violations perpetrated by candidates and their followers: Sobra na raw sa air time, excessive campaign expenditures, over-sized tarpaulins daw, at naka-pastil daw sa forbidden places.

RE: Eye Donation

We are happy to note that you featured the corneal donations of Cesar Montano's son and that of the son of Toni Rose Gayda.

RE: Insights on the 'Harapan' back out

 really cannot understand why this debate was cancelled. Akala ba natin, tayong mga mamamayan naman ang bida sa pagkakataong ito?

RE: The face people do not trust

In the last VP Harapan debate, Mar Roxas gave the most realistic arguments. The way he handled the attacks of Loren Legarda against him is full of wisdom. He knows the right words to use, the right rebuttals, smiles were natural and with his voice and tone, you can feel a sense of sincerity.

Re: Singson supporting Villar

Mas lalo kong na-appreciate si Gibo when he commented to losing Singson to Villar. I am willing to give Gibo a chance to prove himself, but most unwilling to give Villar to prove and expand his wealth.