RE: Villar-Tuta ni PGMA

Mga kababayan kapag binoto ninyo si Villar ay I consider all of you na gunggong at mga tanga. Do you realize ba yong perang ginagastos niya sa ad campaign, sa mga artista na dinadala niya kapag may rally or meeting siya ay saan niya ito kinukuha. Hunghang siya kung ang kayamanan na pinaghirapan niya sa pagnenegosyo ay kaniyang gagamitin ditto at kapag natalo siya ay dadamputin siya sa kangkungan.

RE: Bb. Pilipinas aspirants should file class suit vs. BPCI

That Ms. Venus Raj was dethroned on the ground of her illegitimacy is cruel and unfair. Granting she misrepresented her parentage in her bio, the organizers should have found that out earlier and eliminated her outright in the competition. That could have prevented another embarrassing post pageant scandal.

Feedback: If the elections fail

The Philippines will be in catastrophe in the event the elections on May 10 will fail due to limited capacity of the PCOS machine to be used in poll automation to scan or read ballots for the first time Philippines national election.

RE: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a crime, a violation of intelletcualy property rights! Where's the punishment? Oh yeah, he can admit becuase he knows the consequences are very very very minor.

Re: Adam Carolla Bashes Pacquiao

Yes, we can celebrate and be proud of their accomplishments but we can’t simply define ourselves in terms of Manny Pacquiao, Leah Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Charice Pempengco, etc. In our country where corruption and failure abound, it is understandable to be hyper about our few successes and overly sensitive about criticisms.

RE: Cesar Montano’s son commits suicide

To lose your child is hard to bear, but to lose your child to the tragedy of suicide is the most painful of losses. It is incomprehensible and shatters the world you know.

RE: Private armies

Why is it that none of the Presidential candidates promise to disband the private armies and ensure the people that justice will be fair? Who is to blame that supplies the arms to the Ampatuans, is it the Defence Dept. or the President? Where is the command responsibility in this query? Why can those who has been in government positions for years or decades still active in governments positions, are they suppose to be retired?

RE: Maguindanao massacre

What’s up with the Maguindanao Massacre? Many of us are awaiting that the real culprits will be judge and the victims get justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.

RE: Presidential Debate

It’s a pity that those candidates who are leading in the survey were afraid to face off with other candidates. Filipino people should scrutinize the candidates and we can only scrutinize them by listening to them in the debate. I salute bro.eddie and yasay and the tandem of Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando.

RE: New Bb Pilipinas-Universe

Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc should dutifully do this research about births before letting this candidates parade down the ramp. This is embarrassing not only for them but for the whole country because they have been conducting this beauty contest for decades.