RE: Dethroning Bb. Pilipinas

If she said what she said from the beginning that the Bb. Pilipinas organization knew about Ms. Raj not being born in the Philippines, she should not be stripped off the crown. The organization should be consistent and they should not be politically incorrect and not full of favoritism.

Feedback: The split is Aling Gloria's fault

The looming disintegration and collapse of Lakas-Kamp-CMD is Aling Gloria’s fault. What was in Aling Gloria's mind while was always politics and personal interest.

Re: Manuel V. Pangilinan's plagiarized speech

It's all right to borrow, use or quote the speeches of others so long as you acknowledge in your speech the existence of the original and not pretend the entire speech was constructed, made and thought of by you. That would be cheating or fraud, and disrespectful of other's intellectual property.

Re: Arroyo won't campaign for Gibo

Gibo allowed himself to be used. Since he is no longer usable, he is now disposable. In the long run, it would have been wiser for him to stand side by side with his Uncle Danding.

RE: PUP students set bad example

The handful of victorious PUP students got their wish from their school president to freeze tuition fees, but sad to say, they also set a bad precedent. They got what they wanted at the expense of due process and sanity. The school set the unapologetic leaders free, proud of their triumph and unapologetic for the damage they have done.

RE: Undocumented Workers Abroad

Since the 90's I already have heard of undocumented Filipino workers being abused while working abroad. To this day I can hardly believe that this is still happening. It is ignorance and fear that these Filipinos allow themselves to be treated inhumanely.

RE: Presidential forums

Presidential forums and debates helped a lot in the decision making of the voters. As I listened to them I am now caught between Noynoy or Gordon to be in my ballot. I

RE: Domestic helper in Hong Kong

It is really hard for a domestic worker to leave their children for their future, for a better life and then leave them with no future.

RE: Manny Villar’s schooling?

Why make an issue of the confinement and death certificate of Manny Villar’s brother to prove that he did not come from a poor family.

RE: "Who will be the crown for this election"

One month left election is yet to come! These days, all candidates are busy in campaigning their running position. Most of them are helping with family, friends, and relatives. But as I observed, Philippines is known as the #2 most corrupt country in Asia.