RE: Loren’s state of mind: diagnosis despair

Loren wants to subject presidential and vice-presidential candidates to psychiatric tests at this late time? She says that marami daw voters na hindi alam ang physical and mental health ng mga candidate. Wow, what a brilliant idea, but what an insult from a “smart” vice-presidential candidate.

RE: Luzon faces 2 weeks of rotating blackouts

I live in Chicago and my wife is from the Philippines. She would like us to retire there some day. But why would anyone want to live in the Philippines when services are so poor?

RE: the Bb Pilipinas fiasco and Ms Raj

I smell a rat with the Bb Pilipinas. Ms Raj won the tittle fair and square, despite being kayumanggi. The judges were not 'doling' and clearly saw her as kayumanggi, and still, voted her in. So, it's not really about the color of her skin, or her being born outside the Philippines, or her birthdate being questionable.

RE: Enchong Dee reacts to rumors he’s gay

In regards to your article Engchong Dee being gay. I think the actor is just that good in all the roles he's playing with his good looks, good attitude and character, that's why some people are just envious of him. And in case, he is, so what? So f***ing what?

RE: objective journalism and the fair election law

Your station has been bannering your network's adherence to objective journalism and advocacy on justice in all forms, yet the tone of your broadcasters, anchors and show hosts would speak otherwise.

RE: pagkatapos ng eleksyon

Ano na ang gagawin ng mga namuhunang kandidato pagkatapos ng ELESYON???? Di na ba tayo magsasawa na pimuli ng mga kandidato na may sariling interes lamang??? Nakakalungkot na isipin na ang Pilipinas ay sentro ng katiwalian at walang ganap na seguridad…

Comment on Alex Lacson, et al

I had the chance to watch the interview on Bandila. As most Lacsons I knew, this candidate is also a sweet talker. He knows exactly how to deliver "politically correct" but not necessarily "right" or "truthful" responses.

RE: The Politics of ‘Faking Poverty’

A little over a week ago, columnist Billy Esposo’s article, “How Manny Villar lied and used the death of his brother Danny,” created a maelstrom of controversy that unleashed a torrent of criticism against presidential candidate Manny Villar for his claim that his family was so poor that his brother died because they couldn’t afford to buy him medicine.

RE: ABRA: may pag-asa pa...

Nuong nakaraang linggo, bago mag holy week, ako'y pumunta sa isang kaibigan na nakatira sa Tayum, Abra, isang maliit na town na mga 5 kilometro lang sa kabisera ng Abra na Bangued. Doon, bilang isang botante at boto patroler, ako'y nagtanung-tanung sa mga taga doon tungkol sa politika at eleksyon sa kanilang lugar.

RE: The aborted NBN deal

The aborted NBN deal became a bad example to Philippine government officials. I think graft and corruption is becoming normal in the Philippine government.