RE: “Mornings” hosts speak english to impress not to inform

As a TFC subscriber I expect to hear more talk shows tackle various issues and controversies in our own language. Yet, the four hosts of “Mornings” speak the language of James Bonds in stead of the language of Mang Juan. I have the feeling that they’re under order from ANC top management to carry on their repartee only in pure English, not Taglish, to impress the rival network.

RE: Black Ops Text Messages

Is there no stopping these people who keep sending messages to our cellphones? It has been going on for months! The text messages that me and my family have been getting are all against Aquino and running mates, but more of Aquino really. 

RE: Is Villar really guilty so he does not sue for libel?

Not one but several damaging words had been thrown at the face of Presidentiable Villar, the reason his rating to down. He was accused of unethically using his power to push for the extension and diversion of the C5 road to benefit his real estate empire; he was accused of bribery by no less than his colleagues, namely Enrile, Erap, Gordon, and Jumby; and recently, he was accused, this time by media men and politicians alike, of lying about flaunting his being born poor.

RE: Marumi ang polika

Ito lang po ang masasabi ko sa lahat na mga tumatakbo politico sa bansa natin (lalo na ang grupo ni Villar)

Re: Noynoy and his alleged depression

Noynoy is depressed? Is that why Kris has taken to wearing more and more black T-shirts when campaigning for Noynoy to alert us of his darkening black moods, and not just to emphasize the whiteness of her skin, subconsciously, subliminally and elitistly?

RE: Party-list Ladlad is a mockery

Of course we have thousands of gays and lesbians in our midst. We see them everywhere: in the streets, bars, schools and offices. We hear them on the radio and watch them on television. Many of them are poor, under privileged, sometimes discriminated and even abused- but, and it’s a big but, they are not marginalized simply because they are all bonafide citizens of this nation.

RE: Harapan

The HARAPAN debates helped me a lot to assess the presidential candidates... I considered NOYNOY AQUINO for president because he brings hope... unfortunately, I am more impressed with GORDON, so now I am considering him for president.. but my friends told me that SAYANG LANG DAW ANG BOTO KO KAY GORDON KASI HINDI MAN LANG RIN MANANALO.

RE: Arroyo preparing for poll failure

The public statement made by former House Speaker Jose de Venecia has alarmed and shocked us and the registered voters as well, when he said thus: Philippine President Gloria Arroyo might opt to declare failure of elections (2010) to avoid facing series of criminal and plunder cases which for sure will put her to "jail" where she properly belong much longer than former president Erap Estrada.

RE: KC for the Buzz

KC is the best pick for that position. You folks made the right decision. And no offense to Gretchen and Vice Ganda they're equally talented but KC is just perfect. Now, the show has a perfect mix of three generation.

RE: Fake psychiatric report

Submitting a fake/bogus document to media with intent to slander a person is criminal. Whoever submitted it cannot be classified as a source as Ressa puts it. They are criminals and should not be protected by dictum of being journalistic sources. ABS should name the sources lest it be deemed an accomplice in a crime of slander and libel.